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Hello due to the lack of information about new CSP I wonder:

If I have a 3 zones project and use 3 CC3d, assuming that I have 4 sources and using the CSP1248, Can I play different sources in each zone. Just like using the CC16 with ESP880A. Is that correct? or when changing source in one zone affects the others?

Thank you very much


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Hello Juan,

Thank you for contact us.

The CSP processors can handle up-to 5 listing areas.
In each zone you can independently select 4 input sources (no mixing of input sources).
Selecting a source in listing area 1 does not affect the other source selection of the other listing areas.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hello Juan,

If you have 3 zones (listing areas), and 2 audio sources, I would advise:
1x CSP428
3x CC-2D (or CC-3D in case they want to add audio sources later)
Depending on the required power, use a PowerShare AmpLink (or PowerMatch with AmpLink card / FreeSpace AmpLink) amplifier for easy wiring.


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