Hello everyone,

Happy New Year 2019!

I have a client using iphone x, and on new year's eve he updated his iphone ios & all updates on the app store update, including CSR to v2.4.0

He power-on the system the next day & immediately he "lost" control of his CSR APP. Client did not have any CC16 to manage the psets.

Prior to this case, he was happily using the old iphone 6s and everything was working fine.

After iphone X & everything else updated, dang! 

After recovery, i loan the client a CC16 to manage music ON/OFF

I replicated the same file/scenario & updated my ESP-880 to v5.3.0 & CSR v2.4, re-build the APP & flash the new file to my android OPPO phone, the unresponsive behaviour occur as i control the APP. Power-cycle the ESP, still the same. While the ESP is online, i randomly trigger the Parameter sets that trigger the ESP, and the APP starts to work. But the moment i power-cycle, the same APP starts to become unresponsive. Note that the link & gear icon is fully black & not grey out.

It seems that only parameter sets is not responding. Gain blocks all working fine.

Anyone else has this strange behaviour?

Cheers! Bernard




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Hello Bernard,

Happy New Year to You also !

I had the case with one of my reseller too. Only the gain blocks  were responding. No control for Parameter Sets.

Devices are : 1x PM8500N + an I-PAD 9,7'' with the last iOS installed

CSD is running version + CSR version 2.4

Best regards

Hi Bernard / Guillaume,

I nailed it down to the Pset dropdown list. 
Pset buttons will work fine.

I've logged this issue.

Workaround is to use Pset buttons instead of the Pset dropdown list.
If Pset dropdown list is needed, add a Pset button to your canvas. 
When CSRclient start to be unresponsive after power cycling the ESP, press one time on the Pset button. After that the Pset dropdown list will work again.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


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