I use multiple monitors in my design office. When using Control Space Designer (latest version), if I open a block (mixer, gain ctrl, ducker, etc) to change settings, frequently the settings window either shows up on a different monitor or not at all... sometimes I can see it in the task bar and use Windows right-click to move it into view. However, the mixer properties do not invoke a pop up window to manipulate.

The scaling on the monitors is set to: Main Display 150%, Display 2 125%, Dipslay 3 125% and Display 4 (4k) 200%

Any tips, tricks or registry settings that can be changed to keep the settings pop ups in the active screen?  

Lenovo X1 Carbon, Windows 10 Pro 64, DisplayLink 9.0.1807.0, CSD v5.6.2.30797


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Hi JeffAlex,

Settings for processing blocks and endpoints should always appear in whichever monitor is designated as the 'main display' in Windows. Device properties will show up in whichever monitor ControlSpace Designer is currently displayed in. 

However, if you open ControlSpace Designer from the start menu on a different display than the designated 'main' display, these settings should show up on the monitor it was opened in.

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