Hi, guys.

I've been having issues with 6.10 with SHOWMATCH and ROOMMATCH arrays. When I do CTRL+C/CTRL+V the software crashes and there´s no way to recover the model.

This is a very useful tool when working on stadiums and sports using several distributed arrays.

Is this something we can check?



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Hi Diego,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I tried to reproduce, but was only partly 'successful'. But it seems like the problem only occurs when 'Auto-Layout' is selected - can you confirm this ?

I also noticed that Modeler may crash upon normal close, after a model with copy/pasted arrays has been successfully saved. The model will not be corrupted.

I'll pass this on to Engineering.


Thanks and best rgds,


Hi guys,

please let us know at least the OS you are running. It looks like Diego is running Win10. I just tried again on another Win 7 machine and copy-pasted like 30 arrays of all kinds w/out any problem.

Please see the Help menu, select System Info. Save the info file, zip it up (it's a large .txt file) and attach to this topic.

Again, thanks much and sorry for the inconvenience.

best rgds,


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