Dear support,

I have a client requesting sound for his conference room that uses webex for voice calls, but also want to be able to use the audio system to amplify local voice.

I'm thinking this design, but don't know how I would handle the local audio scenario.

is enabling these outputs on the matrix enough to accomplish my goal?

Besides the obvious coupling issue what other issue should I be prepared for?




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Hi Luis,

This configuration works. There is a small risk of mic feedback in the local overhead zones, but not far-end echo. It might be better to set cross-points in the matrix to send each mic to an overhead zone that excludes the closest speaker to that particular mic. Example:

Best regards,



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As Chris mentioned, use voice lift zones
If needed add feedback suppression blocks

I would advise you to please the mic PEQs post-AEC and add mic PEQ for local reinforcement.

You can also set the Speaker Matrix to Advanced, so you will have a better overview of the matix.
To do this, right mouse click on the CRR, navigate to Matrix Mode and select Advanced

I have no experience with Webex, so I cannot command on that.




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