This release of Bose ControlSpace Designer fixes the following issues:

  • Improved copy and paste of SP modules within and between supported DSPs.

  • Updated SOIP to allow for subscriptions instead of polling. Please see the SOIP document (available on for full details.

  • Reduced project file load times for designs by 40%

  • CC-xD properties now displays firmware version.

  • Message now displayed when the CC-xD is rebooting after a network configuration change.

  • Conference Room Router is now available in EX-12AEC.

  • Added Link Group support to PS404D and PS604D.

  • Updated the SOIP documentation for working with ArrayEQ block in PowerMatch

  • Source selector block has increased to a max of 32 channels.

  • User is now prompted when trying to name modules or I/O channels with the existing names. This will help users to avoid SOIP failures due to naming conflicts.


A full list of all the issues / defects that were addressed as part of this release can be found in the release notes (link below).


The CSD v5.6 files can be downloaded using the following links:


All files are scheduled to be available on PRO.BOSE.COM on August 13th

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