City Council - Automatic Mic Mixer

City Council Chamber - Automatic Microphone Mixer

A typical city council chamber application that demonstrates how the Automatic Microphone Mixer processing function provides an elegant solution for multi-microphone installations. In this design, input signals managed by the automatic microphone mixer include those from the Mayor’s microphone, ten council member microphones, and a public podium microphone (channels 1-12). While all microphones remain “active” during normal operation, unwanted speech or noise will not be reproduced by the system because the automatic microphone mixer will only allow the signal to pass once it exceeds a predefined volume.

The automatic microphone mixing function spans two signal processing blocks with the Mayor’s microphone connected to input number one on both, thus ensuring the highest system priority for that microphone. “Push-to-Talk” detection is used with the public podium microphone. A sensor pad can be placed underneath the carpet behind the podium. Once someone steps on this pad, a contact closure is provided to the ESP-88 General Purpose Input (GPI) #1, thus activating the microphone.

The system also includes a master override provision called “Mayor Mode.” Pressing a push button switch at the Mayor’s position will mute all other microphone and input sources. The inverse of “Mayor Mode” is “Normal Mode” which is restored when the button is released. This switch connects to General Purpose Input #2.

Concepts/Functionality Demonstrated
  • Use of multiple Automatic Microphone Mixer modules
  • Use of GPI contact closure for push-to-talk microphone and 'Mayor' override
  • Grouping of multiple gain controls
  • Assigning controls to CC-64 User Interface
  • Using Parameter sets to change the mode of operation

Products Used

ESP-88 (with DSP expansion), CC-64


Configuration File
ControlSpace Designer v2.042 or later required

Application Note

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