Hi all.

 Have anyone else notice that the CC64 sometimes stop to respond after update to csd5.5

This has been reproduced several times.

See test procedure below.

  1. Open the attached file from CSD 5.4
  2. Upload / and test the CC64
  3. Go offline/flash

System is OK/normal operation.


  1. Open CSD 5.5
  2. Open the attached file
  3. Update FW from Hardware Manager / reboot.
  4. Upload file again and the CC64 don’t respond anymore.
  5. Go offline and delete the WP22/ upload the file and the CC64 responds again.

All FW is up to date / CC64 is on Legacyport.



  1. Delete WP22 and upload the file.
  2. Go offline and flash the system.
  3. Go online / and select "Get from Device"
  4. Go offline but don't flash.
  5. Add the WP22 and associate.
  6. Upload / send to device.
  7. Go offline /flash


Best regards

Tomas Carlsson 


Original Post

Hi @Tomas Carlsson and Steve,

I was able to reproduce and we will investigate further.

I've tried Tomas his workaround on your file and that seems to work.
See the attached file.
You still need to associate the WP-22s and you probably will need to re-do the Dante subscriptions (or export the Dante subscriptions using Dante Controller) before you upload the design).

Sorry for the inconvenience.



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