Level indicators of CC64 sometimes shows opposite mute condition of PM output block. I have attached the video that I could reproduce the issue with hitting the knobs repeatedly. Around 10s in the video this issue occurred. It was abnormal operation but the customer said this issue occurred with usual operation as well.

I write some information about the system below:

- The system was configured with CSD5.1 and csp file was attached.

- As far as I tested, this issue didn't occur when there were only CC64 and PMs in the network (when ESPs were separated from others).

- I tried to update the system with CSD5.3 but the ESPs got error as attached jpg. So I downgraded to CSD5.1.

The customer is in trouble with this issue. So I hope the issue will be fixed soon.

Best regards,



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To add on, I can recreate this in CSD 5.3.2 as well.

While this is probably coincidental, I can only ever see the issue occur on Group 2.

Interestingly, if I query the PowerMatch itself, it says it is unmuted (see attached image).  So there seems to be a communication breakdown between the ESP and the PM.  Toggling the group mute in CSD or the on the virtual CC-64 re-syncs everything.


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Hi Maybe this is related to previous reports.

This test file consists of 1 PM8500N and 1 CC64, running CSD5.3.2 with corresponding FW.

This is also tested to CSD5.1.

If trying to recall a Master fader (Group Volume) via Param. Set. the level indicator (feedback) will not update in the CC64 panel.

If doing a small adjustment to the volume noob on the panel it will recall the level correctly again.

This will apply to mute as well.

Everything seems to work as it should in the AMP and the software.


Best Regards Tomas Carlsson

Hi Arno,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, the switch they are using doesn't have ability to change the port settings to Half duplex. The manual of the switch says "change the device(CC64 in our case) setting to Half Duplex if the device doesn't support Auto Negotiation". Is there something we should do?

I understood the situation. Please let me know once the issue is improved.



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