Bose PS602P firmware update (v5.25)

Issue Description

The front-panel level control knobs on a PS602P may no longer function properly after frequent usage in an application, when the rear-panel DIP switch is set to "REAR.” The PS602P works correctly after changing the DIP switch to "SOFTWARE." In some cases when the DIP switch is set to “SOFTWARE,” PowerShare Editor software is not responsive.


  1. Update all PS602P amps in the field, and local inventory, with a new firmware version 5.25. The firmware update should be done if this issue has been seen or not.
  2. If the firmware update does not resolve the front-panel knob issue, then the PS602P must be sent back for a warranty replacement.

Steps to update the PS602P firmware

  1. Download the attached firmware file (v5.25)
  2. Copy firmware version 5.25 into the firmware folder of PowerShare Editor Software, usually found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\PowerShare Editor\Firmware.
  3. Connect the PS602P to be updated to the computer.
  4. Launch PowerShare Editor software.
  5. Select Firmware Update from the PowerShare menu
  6. Select firmware version 5.25, and follow screen prompts.



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