We have a Bose Free Space DXA 2120 and are getting the following error message when we turn the volume up (to above 70 Db's) we get the error. They are attached to two sets of the omni free space pendant 3 - speakers.

We've been able to isolate the issue to one set of the omni speakers and even with a brand new Bose Free Space DXA 2120 we still get the Amp Fault ! error.

Anyone know how we can isolate the sound wire from the speaker to find the source of the issue? 

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Hello ScottSoko,

Sorry to read you experiencing issues.
And thank you for your pre-investigation.

Can you tell us how the FS3 and DXA2120 are connected?
Could you send some photos of the FS3 and DXA2120?

Perhaps the FS3 is set to Lo-Z and connected to the Hi-Z of the DXA2120.



Hi ScottSoko,

Yes, please share your wiring method at the speaker and at the amp. 

You mentioned you isolated this to one set of FS3 omnis. An amp fault could be created when tying to drive high impedance from 8-ohm output (with no jumpers), though normally the result is very little to no sound at all before a fault. You want to make sure you're using the correct speaker presets (EQ) from the amp as well. 
If you're in the US, you can contact us directly. I'll send you a private message. Though, please share this info on this site here as well. 

Thank you,


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