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I have been reading more and more about AutoCAD Revit being used in large projects, particularly those which are government driven. Have any of you been asked to support projects where AutoCAD Revit is used as the primary BIM system? Are you starting to see AutoCAD Revit used on smaller projects? Do you know of architects who are headed in this direction in the near future? Do you expect to convert you current AutoCAD systems to AutoCAD Revit in the upcoming years?

I would like to hear your comments/thoughts and opinions on this topic.

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We are seeing an increasing number of projects be designed completely in Revit. Some architectural firms have moved completely to that platform, so every project is being done in Revit, irregardless of size. Even if the building as a whole is millions of square feet, the spaces we are using Modeler are usually a small portion of that anyway.
If there were a way in future Modeler release to take the Revit 3D model and import it with minimal adjustments, it would be very useful.
We are currently working on 4 projects which are Revit based;
1. Major League Baseball Stadium
2. NBA Basketball Arena
3. Community College - Culinary Arts Building
4. Multi-space Performing Arts facility

We have dedicated significant staff and funding to BIM and IPD systems, they are the future delivery model.

BIM are used more often in the projects. We are now starting to get direct questions if we can make calculations of the performance of an suggested soundsystem, directly from the Revit-file. I think that it will become very important that Modeler can easily read the BIM-file and that changes made in modeler can be sent back to the BIM-file.


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