Audio Technica ATND8677a Dante MIC not discovered in CSD5.4

Has anyone experience with the ATND8677a Dante Microphone deskstand (with integraded control buttons) working with the EX1280c (CSD5.4).

the ATND8677 without "a" is replaced with this 8677a version (aes67 added as an option) but the CSD5.4 software does NOT recognise the mic with the autodiscovery protocol. Maybe the underlying reason is that the control protocol from Audiotechnica has been changed?

Adding the mic manually in CSD does not work. When I move the mouse over the ATND icon CSD thinks it has an address of, but that cannot be changed in CSD. Even setting the whole setup in that range (mic to, ESP on does not work/does not autodiscover. 

Any help appreciated. If anyone has the underlying control protocol of the ATND8677a then I can read/control the buttons outside of the ESP1280c directly by the controlsystem, but that protocol seems unavailable.


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