Audio Loss Dante 32x32 ESP fixed IO

Applies to:
Dante audio out on fixed-I/O ControlSpace processors (ESP-880/1240/4120/1600) with 32x32 Dante card
(DNC-R32). This issue was not present for fixed-I/O ESPs with 16x16 Dante cards.

Some users reported encountering an issue with Dante audio when using the 32x32 Dante card with our fixed I/O ControlSpace Engineered Sound Processors (ESP-880/1240/2140/1600). The issue is that while Dante audio in was working, there was no Dante audio coming out of the ESP onto the Dante network.
The following process walks through upgrading the firmware for our ESPs.

Upgrade Process:
1. Close ControlSpace Designer
2. Place the espf_v1.613.frm in your ControlSpace Designer directory
(Default – C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 4.4.1\bin)
3. Open ControlSpace Designer
4. Navigate to System->Hardware Manager
5. In Hardware Manager select the “Firmware Update” tab
6. Select the ESP(s) you would like to upgrade.
7. Click “Update” and wait for the firmware to transfer and update
8. Note: Please do not power-off the ESP during this process
9. When Prompted to Reboot Device, select “Yes”

Note: There was no issue with the PowerMatch and ControlSpace ESP-00 II so these firmware images have not been changed.

An instruction movie on how to update the firmware can be found via this link


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