"Array Controls" window in the "Advanced" menu

Hello everyone,

I have a suggestion to modify the label "Array controls" in the "Advanced" menu to "Dante port Input position" because it's more dependant to this point than the electronic control itself.

Maybe a pop-up could explain the difference between Top and Bottom position.

And this is such a critical point for the steering design after that.Panel MSA12X



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Hi Guillaume,

Thank you for your suggestion.

On the "pop-up" question:
I think it would be annoying to get a pop-up everytime you change orientation.

And it is well documented in the help file:

Array Controls - The module where the external RJ45 network and power cables enter the MSA12X array is considered the master module (in single module arrays, there is only the master module). MSA12X arrays can be physically mounted such that the power and RJ45 network cables entering the master module are located at the bottom end or top end of the array.

For correct beam orientation, you must set the Array Controls option to ensure that CSD software and beam steering settings reflect the physical location where the RJ45 and power cables enter the master module. For most installations, the bottom end of the array is used for these connections and is the default choice. For other installations, the array is physically turned 180 degrees so that the external cables and connectors enter at the top end. In this case, select Top, rather than Bottom.


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