I have an experienced contractor that has 5 locations with ESP-880A and a PM8500 with an AmpLink card in it. He is using quality pre-made shielded 2-3ft CAT6 cables. In all locations the occasional popping and clicking is not in the DSP but only in the PM8500 and only on CH2 in all locations. He wired CH 2 analog out of the DSP and into the PM8500 and that has solved unwanted noises. Is there a way to get this to work as designed so that all 8 channels stay digital?

2 locations are running CSD 5.6 & 3 locations are running 5.7.




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Hello Rick,

I've noticed your report on our internal log system also.

We have received some reports on this and trying to root cause this.
In most cases replacing the AmpLink card resolved the issue, but hard wiring CH2 is also a good workaround.

I hope we can fix this issue as soon as possible.


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