I have a question about what is the enviroment temperature range of ArenaMatch working outside. As we are designing project for Winter Olympics 2022 using AM, clients want to know the temperature range, especially the lowest temperature, but I didn't find it in spec and installation guide. Could you please give me the temperature range?

There is no ArenaMatch in the Forum, so I questioned here, thank you.


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We reviewed the specifications for Bose Professional data sheets last year and developed a consistent format for all categories of loudspeakers that can be used for both data sheet and website formats.  We selected the key specification most commonly requested by system designers and also reviewed the information provided by major competitors.   We believe the information provided will satisfy the needs for most projects.  However, if there is additional information required for a specific project, please contact the appropriate Product Line Manager to determine if the information is available from our detailed quality assurance testing reports.

for your information they are also tested for icing/freezing rain.

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