AES67, FIR Filters and Q-Sys Plugins...Oh My!

Hello development team,,

While in Nashville this week, I had a amp training with one of the larger integrators that we are trying to get to use more of our products. My rep and I asked about possible roadblocks to them specifying our products more often and they came up with three. You might note that this is not the first time any of these three have come up in recent requests but the fact that they found all three to be important was somewhat telling in what we need to provide to be competitive in the marketplace.

First was AES67 compatibility to be able to interface with other digital audio devices not using Dante as their native digital audio format.

Second was FIR filters for fine tuning our RoomMatch, ShowMatch and ArenaMatch products. This has been a hot button for many contractors who point out that almost all of our competitors use it to help tame the lobing of the Low Frequencies in arrays. This was one of the topics that we spent time on at our recent Field Engineer Summit in Framingham.

Third was a plugin for use with our amplifiers in systems where Q-Sys is used as the Control System. For many integrators, they like the flexibility of the PowerMatch amplification but like the monitoring ability of Q-Sys. Not having a plugin sometimes will eliminate the use of our amplifier in their system designs.

As we move forward in developing new products that will allow us to be the leading choice of audio equipment, I hope that we take the requests for these frequently requested features seriously and implement them into our products.

Many Thanks for your consideration,

Bruce Hurst


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Keep requests like some of these in perspective.

The Q-Sys request is valid and a good thing to consider. Interfacing would be great. Incorporating those features into ControlSpace would be great also.

Re the FIR filters - while they are a valuable and needed tool their use is one of the great mis-understood mysteries in audio. Yes many manufacturer's speakers need them (badly in some cases) but mostly the problems they need to cure in many array systems were "cured" during the design of the xxxMATCH speaker lines so the need for them in these products is moot (or "mute" since we are talking audio). In the case of the Bose arrays, the FIR filters are largely a solution looking for a problem.

AES-67: Yes there may be a need in some cases to interface with some digital audio devices not using Dante however that list is getting shorter rapidly. Everyone needs to remember that AES-67 is not the great cure-all that seemed to be the dominant hype when it was being introduced, but rather it is the lowest common denominator that essentially dumbs down everything to an equal level of performance, speed, etc. It is a cure for symptoms when instead we as audio professional should be looking to cure problems. If a device can't be interfaced because it is using some obscure or different networking system then cure the problem -- look for a similar device that will provide the needed features and work on the system being designed. If the device is really necessary then look to the Auvitran Audio Toolbox or the Yamaha Rmio64 to interface to it (then look at the dollars and decide if it is really that necessary). Looking back at the last 300-400 projects we have designed using networked audio, we have needed to convert between systems exactly ZERO times. It is a non-issue.

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