I'm a PA novice and have been given an old pair of 802 speakers with 802-c system controller, and an old powered mixer to use with them. The loudspeakers work well but I'm aware that I should use the 802-c to equalize the sound. My problem is that I'm not sure how to connect the 802-c with the powered mixer, since I figure it would usually be used with a separate mixer and amp.

The powered mixer is a 12-channel SoundLab PMX-1252D. There's no manual and it's so old I can't find one online either. Does anyone know if the 802-c can be connected without blowing anything up? Where would I connect it in/out?



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The controller must be inserted between the preamplifier and the power amp.

In older mixers there may be a "Preamp Out" and Aux Input.  You would take the signal from the "Preamp Out" (or maybe "Mix Out") to the controller and then return from the controller to the power section of the mixer.  You will probably only use ONE channel on the Bose Controller.  You can also find the user guide for the controller on-line...there may be other settings on it you nee

If you shot a better, tighter picture isolating just the upper right hand corner of your mixer so we can read the labels on the inputs and outputs we may be able to be more specific.

Dear tngame,

You won't be able to use this powered-mixer with the 802's !

This mixer has no line outs Right & Left except those which are amplified (either balanced or unbalanced). And the controller needs to be insert "between" the mixer and the amplifier. So you need to get a mixer without outputs amplified !

This may work --

First we need to test to see if your Effects Send is POST FADER.

Plug a signal into one channel, set the Effects Send knob for that channel somewhat midpoint, take the EFX output to a guitar amp or some-such.

Then when you change that channel's fader, does the output of the Effects Send change?  If so, you're in business.

Set the Effects Send for every channel you use to a similar spot, take the EFX Output to the input of the controller, return the output of the controller to the Aux In.

So your channel faders will balance the channels and the Aux Input control (and maybe the main faders) will set the overall volume.

The WORST case would be to get a nice, clean inexpensive mixer.  Use that mixer to mix/EQ your channels with its output going to the Controller, then controller output to the Aux In of the SoundLab to use it as a power amp only.

How many vocals, instruments are you likely to need to mix?

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