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EP22D with UltimoX2

Kakudo-at-Bose ·
We got a project with 4x EP22Ds and I found 2 of them had newer version of FW(v4.001). Also, they have UltimoX2 Dante unit according to Dante Controller. Is it OK to use them with CSD5.0? And could you share the firmware data for UltimoX2 just in case?

Re: EP22D with UltimoX2

Arno-at-Bose ·
Hi Kadudo, The legacy end-point now shipped with the X2 chip and should work with older end-point and CSD 5.0.3. I will check if we can get the X2 firmware and share it. BR Arno

Dante Networking Problem

Amol ·
Hi, I can Ping my Dante End Point Bose EP22D on my Laptop. But its not showing Either on Dante Controller or Control Space Designer. Any solution? It's a switched Fiber optic Network. End points are 100 meters away from Server Room.

Re: Dante Networking Problem

ChrisJ-at-Bose ·
Hi Amol, In order for the EP22D to have a static IP address now, I assume you were originally seeing it in Dante Controller or ControlSpace Designer. Did the problem happen just after setting the new IP and rebooting the device? Possibilities: -It's sharing the same IP address as another device on the network. Try to isolate it from other network devices or bridged networks. If it becomes visible, change the IP to a unique address. -If it can't be pinged after isolating it from other network...
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