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EdgeMax EQ for PowerShare

ScottA ·
Can anyone advise when EdgeMax EQ files will be added to PowerShare? I'm assuming that this will take place at some stage... Thanks

Re: EdgeMax EQ for PowerShare

Ashraf_at_Bose ·
Hi Scott, PowerShare Editor 2.1 with the new EM90, EM180, and MB210 EQs will be available on the PowerShare webpage tomorrow 10/12.

No Tone EQ CSD5.0 > CSR2.0

Jeroen ( A.V.V. Zaanstad) ·
Hi all, I Can't add the TONE EQ to the CSR2.0 builder with a 5.0 CSD File, worked when i added the same ESP From CSD 4.42 file test file. Added the files (in progress).... Got some more things i found in CSD5.0 but i'll add them in another post or mail to Arno Reus (NL). Jeroen.

Re: No Tone EQ CSD5.0 > CSR2.0

Arno-at-Bose ·
Hi Jeroen, I've tested it with CSRbuilder 2.1 and 2.2 (CSD 5.01) both in both cases I could drag in the ToneEQ. Only thing is that when you drag in the ToneEQ, it will be place onto a new panel. So if you drag in the ToneEQ, navigate to "links", "Collection1", you should see ToneEQ. Also in you design if you click on the "mixer" icon on the top left you can toggle between "Volume" and "ToneEQ" And yes, please if you have found other issues or have feature requests, please let us know (forum...
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