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How to Get Dante Card Output Signal Level through RS232?

carl-at-bose ·
Hi I want to know how to Get Dante Card Output Signal Level through RS232? When I send "GL 6" to ESP1600 which Has been installed with Dante card through RS232, I can read the input signal level of the dante card ,but can't read the output signal level? which number is the slot for the dante output?

Recalling parameter sets via RS232/IP ESP+PM

Lars Justesen ·
Hi all! I had a problem with an installation today, with 2 x ESP88 , 1 x PM4250N and two PM8500Ns. Recalling a parameter set via RS232 is done correct for the two ESP's (only one is getting the command), but the parts involving the PM amps is not invoked. The parameters change visually correct in CSP designer though... I did a bit of searching, and found this thread: https://www.bosepro.community/g/proaudio/topic/amx-and-pm8500n-and-controlspace Sending the command to all devices(Serial over...
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