This area is dedicated to Bose Array Tool software discussions. Bose Array Tool helps AV system designers produce precise sound system designs quickly. Using the direct-field calculation engine, quickly trial different loudspeaker models, placements, and coverage formations to best match the needs of the project. This initial version (1.0) supports designing with the Panaray MSA12X loudspeaker — support for more Bose Professional loudspeaker models will be available in later versions.

System designers are welcome to ask questions about the Bose Array Tool, discuss best practices, and share requests for features/capabilities for development consideration. For direct support options, please email

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This area is dedicated to Business Music System Designer discussions.

Business Music System Designer (BMSD) is an online tool that helps designers and integrators choose the right Bose Professional sound products for commercial audio applications.

BMSD’s intuitive interface and reporting capabilities enable integrators to turn estimates around quickly, while also helping them to build credibility and more productive engagements with their customers.

Hosted online and free to access, BMSD makes recommendations based on simple parameters such as room dimensions, mounting style, desired coverage and volume level. The tool then provides “good” and “better” options for loudspeaker quantity, tap settings, placement locations, and spacing, providing the right sound solution options for specific applications and customer budgets.

Business Music System Designer

For direct support options, please email

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Introduction and product announcements.

Last Post: Bose ControlSpace Remote Custom 2.4 now available

Links to current and past versions of software and firmware (read-only)

Last Post: ControlSpace Designer v5.6

General discussion about ControlSpace systems.

Last Post: CSD Designer 5.5 & 5.6 won't launch

Here's the place to discuss ControlSpace Remote

Last Post: Lost Block Names

Discuss system designs using Dante or CobraNet

Last Post: ESP-00 Link 8-ch and ESP-00

Share your ideas, hints and tips with other ControlSpace users

Last Post: ControlSpace CSP file checksum MD5

Please let us know if you find any bugs or unexpected behavior

Last Post: pm8250

Discussions related to ControlSpace hardware.

Last Post: CSP428

Sample ControlSpace files for various markets and applications (read-only)

Last Post: City Council - Automatic Mic Mixer

Library of online training videos (read-only)

Last Post: New tutorial movies

Shortform technical notes on specific topics (read-only)

Last Post: SB Linking AMMs

Useful information and current known issues (read-only)

Last Post: SB Changing Network Settings Using Bose ControlSpace Designer Software

Let us know what features/products we should add to ControlSpace

Last Post: AmpLink Amps in Project View

Archive of resolved issues (read-only)

Last Post: Audio Loss Dante 32x32 ESP fixed IO

Links to documentation for ControlSpace systems (read-only)

Last Post: Product Images

Vote for which of the feature requests we should work on next.

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Discussion of concepts related to the STI method

Last Post: SPL in STI
Last Post: Modeler Features Exploration
Last Post: Arenamatch Modeler file

Introduction and product announcements.

Last Post: PowerMatch Plugin for Q-Sys v7

Hardware-based topics regarding the PowerMatch amplifier. To include application topics, front/rear panel details and connectivity. ControlSpace software topics should be posted in the ControlSpace forum category.

Last Post: Password lock on PM8250

Discussions about PowerShare amplifiers and Editor software.

Last Post: Bose PS602P firmware update (v5.25)

Discussions about the FreeSpace amplifiers.

Last Post: IZA 2120 HZ and ZA 2120

Discussions about the ControlSpace SP-24 sound processor and SP-24 Editor software.

Last Post: SP24 unit error message ´not configured as a DSP'

Discussions about discontinued Bose Professional hardware products.

Last Post: Bose PSDC I different presets as in manual

DeltaQ™ public discussion.

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Last Post: EdgeMax and Cabling
Last Post: FreeSpace Ease .GLL File
Last Post: Dante Domain Manager
Last Post: 802 and behringer pmp 1280s
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