Reply by David_A-at-Bose

Hi Tim, Press and hold the main encoder wheel and Bank Button #1 for a few seconds. This will lock and unlock a CC-64 from the front...

Reply by ThomasS-at-Bose

Hi Steve, excellent observation and your conclusions are entirely correct. Especially when you want to compare (speech) signal level to...

Reply by ChrisJ-at-Bose

Hi Stefan, I'm sorry, but these are only designed to support one zone (source select and volume) or a group of zones together. Remapping...

Reply by NickA-at-Bose

Hi Jan, Thank you for coming back to the forum to update us. The Discovery Tool is very useful.

Reply by Claus

Hi,can i use on control space processor ESP 88C the control space remote from a device?(iphone for example)Thank u

Reply by NickA-at-Bose

Hi Claus, If you would like to be able to toggle standby mode from the ControlSpace Remote app, you can accomplish this with parameter...

Reply by Dominique

Hello ChrisJ-at-Bose, can you send me this info too? One of our clients has been 'playing' with the amp and has locked it with a unknown...

Reply by 110

Hello, I have the same problem with the password. How can it be unlocked/factory reset? Thanks.

Reply by Claus

Hi again,how to set the bose pm8250N amplifier in stanby mode ,(when the audio source is no longer play music)?Must to set from CSD or...
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