Anyone gigging with a DTX900 module? I'm trying one out b/c I really like the new Yamaha pads. I've got a Model 1 classic with 4 B1s. Stock sounds are pretty good coming through the Bose although am getting some machine gun type effects too.


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I'm using a custom DTX950 kit. The pads are mounted into Yamaha natural birch shells with a 22" kick -- 100% electronic. I practice with the Yamaha cymbals and hi-hat -- it keeps it quiet for the neighbours, but I play live with Zildjian Gen16 acoustic-electric cymbals.

This kit rocks and look like an acoustic kit. I started with the included drum sounds and modded them to suite my taste.

I would be very interested in knowing how the Bose L1s would work with my setup. Would an L1 Model II with B2 be a good option?

In fact, I am interested in determining the best combination of L1s for the entire band, to replace our existing (traditional) PA setup.
Hi Scandalous

We're a 6 piece band and play a pretty wide selection of music. Elvis, Mellencamp, Skynard, Beatles, Talking Heads, Tunstall, Duffy, Zac Brown, etc. We have three M1 Classics. 2 with one B1 each and 1 with 4 B1s which is used for bass and drums. the Bose are setup behind us or in some cases with tight stages next/beside us. Despite how odd it seems you really can hear pretty playing next to or even a little behind the L1s. Setup and teardown is quick, maybe 30 minutes for it all. And the best part is not having to go through tedious sound checks to combat feedback, etc.. Not saying you won't get it or that every venue doesn't need some amount of sound check but it's far less than anything else with traditional PA systems has been my experience. We're very happy with the system and wouldn't go back to the traditional PA setup.

Any chance you could post some pics of that customized drum set? I just gotta see how you mounted those new dtx pads into shells. I'm still working on the kits to optimize for the Bose but I really like the sampled sounds far better than my expanded TD20. I've tried the Gen16 cymbals and didn't really care for the sounds.
I'm not sure the Bose L1 forum is the best place to share drum photos. But I've attached a picture to give you an idea of what I did.

The new DTX pads are great. The cellular silicone feels very natural. However, they are not made to merge with standard drum shells. The dimensions and bolt alignments just will not work.

So I chose to keep the new DTX900 Module, Hex Rack, Cymbals, Hi-hat, and Snare, but sold off all the new toms. I wanted to keep the snare because I loved the feel of the new cellular silicone pad. But I wasn't as concerned about the feel of them on the toms.

I then took my DTXtreme III toms and modified them by applying a thin coat of white polymer silicone bonded to the black rubber pad. Since the new DTX pads are white I simply wanted them to have the same traditional white drum skin look -- I'm not a big fan of the black rubber. It took quite a bit of experimenting, and working with a local plastics shop, to get it right. The key was to get the look I wanted without affecting the pad sensitivity. Once I was satisfied, I screened the Yamaha DTX logos on the surface so they look very authentic.

From there, I mounted all the first three 10" toms onto 10x5 Yamaha Natural Birch shells, with the appropriate mounts for the Hex Rack. The fourth 10" tom is mounted in 10x12 shell; and I also have 12" tom mounted in a 12x14 shell. I used deeper shells on the two side toms because I wanted to give the appearance of floor toms.

The kick is built into an old 22" Yamaha Rydeen mahogany shell I had collecting dust. It had a glossy black finish so I stripped it down to the bare wood and then applied a thin birch veneer to match the other Yamaha toms. This was a ton of work, so you have to really love doing it.

I stained the birch to match the tint of the other toms and then took the kick to my buddy's auto body shop where he applied 26 coats (no kidding) of high gloss automotive clear coat to get the shine.

To connect the kick to the DTX900 Module, I made sure the two 1/4" jacks were accessible at the top of the kick, built into the tom mount -- very discrete.

So what I ended up with is a fully electronic Yamaha kit married to Yamaha shells -- I think Yamaha must really love me now ;D

I took the photo this evening with my cell phone so it's not great. But I'd be happy to share more photos and ideas with you. Please send me a Private Message (PM) with your email address if you'd like.
Hi Scandalous,

The forum software is choking on a special character in the name of your picture.

I'm guessing that the file name is 10"_Tom.jpg.

In order of that to upload properly, please rename the file on your computer to 10_Tom.jpg (I removed the " quote symbol) and try again.

Originally posted by ST:
Hi Scandalous,

The forum software is choking on a special character in the name of your picture.

I'm guessing that the file name is 10"_Tom.jpg.

In order of that to upload properly, please rename the file on your computer to 10_Tom.jpg (I removed the " quote symbol) and try again.


Yeah, it's a Mac thing... I can use the quote symbol in the file name on my Mac. I'll remember that for next time.

Thanks Gfly.

The Yamaha trigger pads are mounted directly to the shells with Hex bolts threaded from inside the lugs. To conceal the electronics, there are real heads on the bottom of each drum. These are 100% digital drums that just look acoustic.

As I mentioned in a previous post, if you want more information, please send me your email address in a Private Message (PM) on the L1 forum. I'm happy to share the details and photos.
I've decided to keep the DTX900. It took some getting used to from my expanded TD20. And those yamaha pads are so nice to play on. I was using the professional pads from Hart.

Just this last week I picked up a Model II for use with the drums, bass and keyboard. I expected some differences between the model I and model II but have been a little bit surprised too. Essentially everything except the kick has a better sound. It lost some bottom to it and become more "clicky" sounding. This is with using stock sounds from the module, nothing I've tweaked. In both cases I'm using 4 B1s. One of the differences is that I'm going into a T1, channels 1 and 2. I have both channels set to Utility>Flat. I read some other posts about using the direct in on the model 2 or another option could be to send the kick channel separately into the T1 and then EQ it. EQ-ing the voice on the kick is of course another option too.

Wondering if anyone using a DTX or even e-drums in general and running through a T1 has had success and what did you do.

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