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Quick question...

If this mixer cannot be powered just by connecting it via a ToneMatch cable to a system like an L1S, why does it have a ToneMatch cable instead of a standard power input?


The T8S uses the ToneMatch power supply (same as the T1 and T4S). The power supply is included with the T8S. It's optional for the T1 and T4S)

More information here:

T8S no ToneMatch port connection to L1®



Hi ST,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately you didn't answer my question. Perhaps I wasn't clear so I'll rephrase. 


  • The ToneMatch cable provides a bidirectional route that allows for audio output and power input in the same cable.
  • The L systems cannot source enough current to power the T8S via a ToneMatch cable.
  • The only way to power the T8S is via a ToneMatch power supply.

If you are using the ToneMatch port for power (mandatory for the T8S) then you can't -ever- use it for audio.

Why does the T8S have such a proprietary design JUST for power and power alone?

It makes no sense. Why not use a standard barrel jack or a three prong input which can be easily replaced if it breaks? The only reason for ToneMatch to exist is to be able to carry two signals (audio and power). Since this is not possible on the T8S then using a ToneMatch jack makes no sense at all.


Hi, soundscapes,

The ToneMatch port on the T8S also supports firmware updates to the L1 systems (bi-directional communication with the power stand).  Another reason to have the ToneMatch port on the T8S, is for compatibility with the T4S - for future, related products. While Bose does not comment on products that may be in development, they are always working on something.


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