Why Do 2 Compacts Sound Different?

I recently purchased 2 Compacts. When setting them up, I noticed one is much richer and warmer than the other. Test was done using the same mic and switching from one Compact to the other, set exactly the same. Test results were confirmed by 2 fellow pro engineer/musicians. So, I returned the weaker sounding unit, and got a new one. The new one sounds just like the one I returned, not as warm or rich as the one I returned. Have any changes been made to the model that would make them different? Otherwise, I know this does not seem to make much sense, that's why I'm here asking for help! Thanks!!
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Did you testing the Compacts in EXACTLY the same position in the room? I have found that in some rooms a couple of feet can make a difference in the the bass or sense of warmth. This isn't specifically applicable to the L1®s (any model), but you might notice it more if you are doing comparisons between identical units.
I bought another Compact a month ago but hadn't used it up until today. I decided I'd A/B them by taking the new one out today on a couple gigs that I play very often after reading this thread. I noticed a couple differences with the new one.

For one I had to use different levels than I usually use. Channel 1 on the mic had to be turned up past 11 o'clock where I usually go just past 10 o'clock on my older Compact. This is a fairly negligible difference that I've seen on my Classics as well. I also set channel 2 slightly lower than I usually set it - again negligible.

For two EQ was a little different. I set the mic flat instead of turning down the highs to 10 o'clock which was a pleasant surprise. It seemed the mic was less shrill through this newer unit as well. The guitar in channel 2 was a little less bright as well which was okay by me.

So overall there was little difference with the new one, but it was discernible. Again I've seen slight differences in my Classics & Model II's, but I thought I'd share what I found today relative to this thread. I have access to one other new unit that I will test at some point as well.

I can see how it could be possible that there could be subtle differences in the position of the level controls between early and newer production units, but this variance should be very small. We did receive some initial comments that suggested that the system got loud very quickly, therefore the pot taper on the newer units is slightly different.The amount of useable volume remains unchanged and there were no adjustments to the tonal balance of the system.

I hope this helps.
I'm really enjoying the newer Compact more than the original I bought the first day it was available. It does sound less harsh on vocals to me. I don't know if the new taper on the newer units is making that much of a difference, but my ears are liking what I hear. Smile

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