I think a Boston location might be really expensive. somewhere along the shore from Maine to Virginia there's a Hidden Barn East. There's one nor far from me, but the owners aren't cool enough, and the acoustics are a real problem, but the space is great and the surroundings are right, so I know there are more places like that. It sounds like we're on the way to the next one, which I am all for being a bit different, just because the Big Sur experience was entirely unique. Tom's small workshops idea is appealing. Perhaps a multi-room venue? Lots of converted churches, Arts' Centers, etc., throughout the Northeast.
somewhere along the shore from Maine to Virginia there's a Hidden Barn East. There's one nor far from me, but the owners aren't cool enough

Wow, how sad is that! Frown To live in a place like that and not be cool. Cool

What a waste of Paradise! Roll Eyes

I agree, Ron, there has to be a place like that out East. I Believe...I Believe.....

and the acoustics are a real problem

Acoustics? We don' need no stinking acoustics! Big Grin
About Big Sur... I totally concur with ST concerning the fact we didn't separate into a few more one on one's or small group musical interaction(s)...

Would have loved to have jammed with most everyone there in a more intimate setting... Everyone's skills were so a-tuned to their individual personalities that performing without an actual sit-down audience might have encouraged more of the Bose-O folk to open up ...

In truth, the Big Sur event (when you really think about it) was very much concert or performance oriented... (which was wonderful because the Hidden Barn naturally facilitated that approach) ...

Maybe this time at the East Coast gathering, instead of separate cabins, there should be bunk beds... Smile

Then no doubt some jamming would be going down in the 'wee' hours of the night (only without the L1)
Yo Ken...

I'll hip-a-fy the Big Sur folks to the East Coast Conference...

We~Brock Bradford, John Nava, David Schiffman and moi' played down at Esalen night before last... Crazy free-spirits trancing out,,,and Whoool....What a beautiful place!!

Hope you all get a chance to spend some quality
time at the Esalen Institute one of these days
... you can check it out here....(copy & paste)


Once you're there, type 'David Schiffman' into the Esalen search engine and you can dig on all the classes Prof. Schiffman has going on...

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