Hi Folks,

The recent L1 Conference in Big Sur was such an inspiration that we want to know if this community wants to do it again, this time East of the Mississippi.

We know a lot of you have read about Big Sur. We would truly love to have you all experience what we did. So many strong and positive things happened.

One of the most interesting aspects of all this is that it was unplanned by Bose. Alan Steinberger got things started in a post dated Jan 12, 2006. It was a simple, yet profound suggestion to get together to “play, listen, and network” with other Bose L1 users. Then, Joseph and ST jumped in to help Alan, and Joseph came up with idea of asking Barklie to donate his spectacular Hidden Barn Studio for the event.

We got together and tried to describe the special qualities and ingredients that made Big Sur such a wildly inspirational event. Here’s what we came up with:

1. Teach what you know
2. Learn what you don’t know
3. Play Live Music with like-minded professionals
4. Listen to live music and rejoice in its power to change the world
5. Relax with friends and loved ones

Unique Ingredients:
1. Conceived and organized by owners.
2. Supported by Bose with technical and cultural presentations.
3. Held at a place where music is made. (The Hidden Barn is sacred ground that inspires truth and love. It is not the “Redwood Salon” at a national hotel chain, and it is not a performance hall where a stage and fixed seating can create a barrier between the audience and the players. The Barn is truly a “level playing field”.)
4. Held at someone’s place, someone who exuded the passions, aspirations, and interests of a lifelong musician.
5. Held at a relatively remote location where people go to get away and relax, and where there isn’t much (else) to do.
6. The conference agenda was carefully coaxed into existence in the weeks preceeding, mostly by our wonderful community member "ST", and then unfolded in a beutiful, organic manner. For example, when things got really interesting musically, we kept going. When there was little or no energy to push on, we took an extended break. Without the preparation, this "looseness" could not have worked so magically.
7. The event was reachable by car from most places in the West. As a result, many were able to cut down on travel expenses and were able to include precious loved ones on the trip.
8. It was held at a quiet time of year, thereby holding down costs, and it was not held on a weekend, so it didn’t interfere with most gigs.

We think Big Sur was a miracle and would love to take the key ingredients from the event and make it happen again (and again, and again.)

What do you think? Would you like to make this happen again?

Cliff Henricksen
Chris Ickler
Ken Jacob
Kyle Sullivan

[ken-at-bose added some material about preparation to item 6.]


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I would hope that the magic can happen in the East too, but sometimes I fear that we couldn't create what Cliff called the "supernova" even in Big Sur again. It may have been a once-in-a-lifetime occurence. I hope not, because it has changed me in wonderful ways.
I feel like I missed a great experience, I sure wouldn't want to miss another opportunity. So, Yes, let's do one in the east.

I don't know of a place that fits the descrition of Big Sur and The Barn, but surely there is someplace east of the Mississippi that will excite and inspire.

Maybe in the Smokies, or Adirondacks.

It may be asking too much to try to recreate Big Sur, but I believe that good things will happen if we get together.

Given the kind of lead time you folks gave us for the WesternWonder, I WILL be there.
I just have to have 60 to 90 days to allow my wife to work out days with her partners in the E.R. and for me to get ahead on the Farm stuff.

I'm so sorry I don't know of a place to hold this.. heaven knows there are places in the smokies around here.. but all my ideas would require large booking fees and/or a mule train <G>
Well Ken you planted the seed! It took a little over a year from Alan's first post. I'm sure things will evolve when and where they are supposed to just like Big Sur did. I know there is a lot of planning involved but none of us had any idea what we were in for nor what would transpire. It will be interesting to see how the next one unfolds!
I'd really like to get to the East Coast event. I hope that it will be unique in its own way, and as much fun and inspiration as the Big Sur event.

And Dean it was only a shade over 100 days from Alan's post, to when we all arrived at Big Sur.
...it occured to me that there could be a whole different kind of magic at the next one.

it will be unique in it's own way

things will evolve when and where they are supposed to just like Big Sur did

I believe that good things will happen if we get together

Tom, Dean, OLDGHM, ST you took the words right out of my mouth. Like a great performance, Big Sur is now floating out there amidst the muses, to be savored in memory, and used to inspire the present moment.

Whatever we do, it will reflect the energy of this here and now.

I'm here in NYC thinking of a place that would be something like Big Sur, but nothing comes to mind. New England would be perfect. The guys at Bose would be close, that way they would have no excuses not to show.

Count me in, as long as it is not on October 6-17 as I will be in Spain for my 5 Year anniversary which is on the 8th. Wink
As a Canadian whose ancestors left the colonies after the revolutionary unpleasantness, I had a remarkable experience a few years ago.

Part of a sales trip was to watch the Army vs. Virginia fall football game at West Point. After the game, we were free to prowl the grounds. I had a transcendental experience at the chapel where, unimaginably, the organist was practicing my favourite Bach work.

West Point went out of their way to take care of us, and seemed to genuinely enjoy doing so. It might be worth contacting them to see what is possible. Failing West Point, there certainly seemed to be lots of interesting areas along the Hudson which are close enough to get to, yet far enough to be... uhh... removed.

And with no rugby trips to Australia to pay for this time, to the extent any of us are able to predict the future, I'll be there! (You would let Westerners in, wouldn't you?)
Your right ST on the dates! It had been a long day of travel (and after enjoying a few hearty yeasty beverages) and didn't seem right when I was typing. Maybe it just seemed like a year from when Alan made the first post until we actually got there! Count me in where and whenever!
Maine would be awesome. My wife went there to go whale watching in 1996 and absolutely fell in love with it. It wouldn't be that hard to convince her to go up there. We were in Vermont this past weekend at the Green Mountain Inn, anybody been there? We had a wonderful time.

Maine Maine Maine, it's close.
So I'm thinking to myself whether I should come to a Bose-O's East conference. The questions that come to mind are:

  • Would some of the same content technically be covered for the benefit of those who missed out on Big Sur?

  • Would there be new content & new chances for musical interaction & inspiration?

    My desires for the next experience would be:

  • A chance for more collaboration.

  • Innovative thought about writing & performing music.

  • More opportunity for musical experimentation & give & take.

  • Less jamming & more structured (directed) improvisation.

  • More useful technical info from Chris.

    Does this ring with anyone else out there - especially those of you who attended Big Sur? I think these events could be even more inspirational & fun in a way that we haven't even approached yet. The only problem I see is to force the creativity & have too high expectations.

    I fear I won't have the time or the money to get away next Fall. I really miss everyone from the Big Sur event & would love to get together again - especially the at-Bose guys. I could use another shot in the arm of supernova - could I ever get enough?
  • quote:
    Originally posted by Tom Munch:
    So I'm thinking to myself whether I should come to a Bose-O's East conference. The questions that come to mind are:

    Hi Tom

    I hope that we are working on the same basic schedule that says that to things start on Sunday night and we go for Monday and Tuesday . I've already pushed back almost all of my normally immutable commitments so they land on the other days of the week for the next several months .

    Let me pick up on your ideas

    Technical Points
    I wouldn't mind if we cover the same technical points simply because in the presence of different people we would probably get different insights. We might start in the same place but branch off in different directions.

    Musical Interaction and Inspiration
    I think the same thing is true with respect to musical interaction and inspiration. I felt very strongly influenced by the environment (the Hidden Barn, the instruments that were set up, the general feel about the kinds of musical things that took place there). The room had a very strong vibe. It was great when you were in tune with it.

    For the Next Event

    A chance for more collaboration
    Yes, and on a personal note I would really have liked to have spent some quiet time with you and a couple of Guitars. Not that I wouldn't have liked to have had the opportunity to play with everybody, but for me smaller collections would likely have worked better. A few minutes with Ron and Joseph and Ken and Brian and Dean -= okay you get the idea =- (alone or in a group) with instruments in hand *talking* and sharing ideas would have been great for me. I would have loved a multi-disciplinary, instrument agnostic discussion of improvisation, another for music direction, and many more.

    When we were at the Hidden barn, there seemed little chance for smaller group interactions. That was probably just my sense of going from really intense to much needed respite.

    Innovative thought about writing and performing music
    As with the last one, I think there is an opportunity to toss out subjects for sessions, and see who bites. We tried to raise the topic in the planning sessions, but there wasn't much response to it. This time around it could be different.

    More opportunity for musical experimentation & give & take
    Same thoughts as for collaboration above

    Less jamming & more structured improvisation
    Maybe if we consciously took turns as acting music directors, we could use some of the less structured sessions as workshops. Personally I think this is going to be a huge aspect of making live music compelling enough for people to take those things out of their ears and leave their iPods and MP3 players at home once in awhile.

    More technical information from Chris
    Of course. I think the practical demonstrations were very compelling. Seeing how the theory did and did not apply was very important for me.

    Play it again?
    Well yes and no. I got a tremendous amount of value from the West Coast event.

    That is a huge concern for me: That people find value for the non-renewable resources that it takes to be someplace. Tick tick tick, we only get to pass this way once (well unless you have been through certain kinds of perception altering experiences).

    I hope that everyone who comes to the East-of-the-Mississippi envent will contribute to the pool of ideas so they find value when they get there.
    Originally posted by ST:

    I would have loved a multi-disciplinary, instrument agnostic discussion of improvisation,

    What????? I need a bigger dictionary. Shut up and Play!!! Smile

    I look forward to the event, whatever the format. I can deal with structure and I can roll with the flow.

    Not knowing exactly what went on in Big Sur is probably a plus right now because I have no expectations that the event must meet to be successful.

    I would enjoy some tech lectures, followed by questions and answers with the at-Bose-folks.

    The opportunity to jam with some new, old friends would be a delight. I have an original tune or two that I would love to hear with instrumentation other than my own guitar.

    I really enjoy watching and listening to good musicians, so you couldn't bore me with only two days to spend together.

    A chance to see and hear how others are using their system, what gadgets work and what don't, to hear others vocals, learn if I am getting all there is from my own PAS.

    I also enjoy relaxing on the porch while the sun goes down.......or comes up. With a walk or bike ride in between. Oh, I like water and canoes too.

    I have to plug my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. In the fall, it's still warm and snow is not an issue. We're near three beaches and the downtown area is both historic and beautiful and this town supports live music of all types!

    But if that fails to spark interest, Asheville would be another great area.

    Either way, let's do it somewhere!

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