Hello everyone.

It may be of some value to know a bit about the people who serve as moderators here. Most of us work for Bose on their products for musicians. Some moderators are longstanding members of this message board community who have shown an exceptional ability to help other musicians trying to understand and/or get the most out of their L1™ systems.

We hope you find this useful.

Here's my story:

Ten years ago, I was manager of Acoustic Research here and started the work along with Cliff-at-Bose that led to our new approach to amplification.

I joined Bose in 1984. Dr. Bose was one of my professors at MIT, where I did my Masters.

My professional life has been devoted to professional sound. I've specialized in room acoustics, speech intelligibility, professional loudspeaker research and design, professional sound system design, and live sound.

I look forward to joining you in this community.

Ken Jacob
Chief Engineer


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Greetings from Cliff-at-Bose,

My work involves playing music and inventing things for the amplified musical arts, like The Personalized Amplification System. Ken Jacob and I started working together on this project over 10 years ago.

I hold a Masters’ degree in Mechanical Engineering (MIT) and have been working in total fascination with sound-making equipment since 1969. So far, I invented and patented such things as the modern constant-directivity (“Manta Ray”) horn, radial phasing plug for compression drivers (“Tangerine”) and a family of high-directivity large-venue systems components (Bose Panaray LT ™). I also worked designing and commissioning (by ear) large arena sound systems such as Madison Square Garden, The Louisiana Superdome, General Motors Place, The Air Canada Center and Staples Arena.

My artistic life includes writing magazine articles, technical papers, sections of books and even a whole book on subjects ranging from music, skateboarding, high-performance automobiles (I design and build these too) and, of course, loudspeakers and sound. I have been a performing and recording musician and songwriter since 1964 and today serve as keyboardist and vocalist for Boston-based band, THE Linemen.
Hey all,

My work with the team is varied, kind of like my back ground. I’ve spent most of my career as a Product Design Engineer and Manager (I came to Bose as a Product Design Manager in the Automotive division) and 4 years ago jumped over to the web team here at Bose to do something completely different.

I have been playing guitar for about 22 years now in weekend warrior bands. I came to the Live Music Technology Group to aid with the web site and selling on-line and ended up taking on other things given my experience in a variety of areas. The team has adopted me as their step-child and I take on small projects and help out where I can.

I’m really enjoying connecting with everyone who visits the message board and reading all of your experiences and tyring to help. I’ve been really impressed at how this community has maintained its healthy, helpful demeanor; so many other boards have become mean spirited and unhealthy and we have kept that vicious cycle away. Thanks to all for keeping it real and keeping it constructive.

I’m a gear hound, a self-proclaimed GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) sufferer. I love tubes, I love modelers, I love new stuff, and I love old stuff. If it has something to do with guitar playing, count me in. I read a lot about gear, I research it a lot and I love to learn from others in regards to the gear they use and what it they like and dislike. For some it’s not about the gear but about the playing, for me it’s about both. I enjoy the gear almost as much as making it sing with just my two hands.

Eddie Van Halen made me want to pick up the guitar, and Stevie Ray Vaughan makes me want to keep on playing. I wish that Brian Setzer would let me steal his voice and his understanding of the guitar and I’m blown away by other players all the time. I love the cycle of “I’m pretty good … WHOA that guy rules … back to the woodshed for me”. I like all kinds of guitar driven music from heavy (Tool, QOTSA) to pop-rock (Barenaked Ladies, John Mayer), but the blues touches my soul. There is something so liberating about the confines of I-IV-V. Big Grin

Okay, enough of me. Keep on making music. Cool
I’ve been with Bose® for about a year and a half now, hired as a Product & Technical Support Specialist. My favorite part of the culture around here is that we strive to be better by being different. Awesome possibilities come from such a mindset…

I’m a self-taught guitarist/vocalist, one of eight siblings, all of whom sing and/or play something. I was the first in the family to plunge into playing music for a living, which I did full-time for 18+ years. I also did lots of live sound engineering to supplement my income and to keep my truckload of acquired PA gear working. I currently play with ‘Rust Never Sleeps – A Live Neil Young Retrospective’. My 13-year-old son, Nate, is a budding bassist. He and I facilitate regular music performance and recording workshops at Kids Connect in Natick, MA…

In my early 20s, I studied audio and worked part-time as an intern, then staff engineer at Downtown Recorders in Boston. I went back to school in my mid-30s and got a degree in Electronics Engineering. Shortly thereafter, I got my first real job with Hewlett-Packard’s Telecom Network Test Division. When the bottom fell out of telecom in the late 90s, I committed myself to getting back to a career that involves audio, preferably audio for music. 'Found it…

My first experience performing with the Bose® Personalized Amplification System™ was truly a transformative experience for me. I was immediately flooded with memories of my favorite family jams of yesteryear, the ones that convinced me that I had to pursue the muse as far as it would take me. 'Still going... All gear-reduction benefits aside, I was bowled over by the reality that musicians can play live, amplified music and yet interact in exactly the same way that I and my siblings do during acoustic jams around a bonfire. The magic comes when everyone is listening, which of course starts when everyone can hear each other. If anyone is too loud, everyone knows it, including the offender. It’s self-regulating and, needless to say, most enjoyable…

Bose® Corporation has invested a lot of time and energy in training us to serve you effectively. I and my PTS colleagues are eager to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via this forum, or by calling us directly at (877) 335-2673…

Follow the muse!

Cut to January 2007... Man, what a ride! Since November of 2004, I've been serving as the Live Music Team's Northeast Rep, in much the same manner as Mark and BigKyle below. I've also been managing the Assisted Direct program since January of 2006. I LOVE MY JOB and I still find this online community to be the most helpful, professional and respectful forum that I have ever known!

Still playing about once a month with RNS and occasionally gigging and recording in various projects with my brother Chris. Recently finished recording and mixing the 9-song debut CD for my 16-year-old son's band, Idiocity Killed the Cat...

Feeling very fortunate!
Hi everyone,
I've been with Bose® since 1980, after finishing my thesis for Dr. Bose. I started in home hi-fi by designing the 201® Series I and 501® Series IV. Ken and I have worked closely together since '87, mostly on Pro projects. I've contributed a lot to Modeler® Design Program and provided much of the vision for the current version (v6.0). I'm also the lead engineer of Auditioner® audio demonstrator technology and the Panaray® 502A speaker array, and I invented the phased-bass-array technology we use in large venues. I spear-headed the design of the first intelligible sound system for the Mosque in Mecca, the largest such job Bose has ever done and one which I consider to be the Mt. Everest of acoustical challenges. I met Hilmar back in '91 and subsequently helped bring him to Bose; although we both worked heavily on 3D audio simulation and DSP, I didn't fulfill my desire to actually work with him until just this last year or so.

I started inventing things with Cliff in '94 when he joined Bose and I learned about horns and compression drivers from the master himself. We also had good times tuning sound systems in arenas and stadiums around the world. I'm also the guy who told him on theoretical grounds that his idea for the line array for musicians was a really bad idea, but fortunately he wasn't listening to me, or none of these miracles would have happened (humbling thought). Cliff built an array anyway and refuted all my technical background with a very simple argument: "listen to this." I was wrong; theory had to be revised to match reality. (This is YOUR strongest argument too, no matter who challenges you, no matter what they think they know.)

So I quickly became a believer and a promoter and successfully advocated for the first use of Bose line arrays at the Universal theme park, "Islands of Adventure." (The outdoor area-wide coverage is almost all Bose line arrays -- 16' tall covering acres of open space.) When Ken and Cliff started honing the product you now enjoy, I acted as a "voice of the audience" by attending early Linemen gigs and giving feedback about what was working in the audience and what was not.

Although I'm in the Corporate Research division, I devote about half my effort toward helping my old friends to develop new solutions for musicians. We have a lot of good things going on in the lab and I look forward to sharing them with you in the fullness of time. And I'm always interested in what ISN'T working for you, no matter how intractable you think those problems may be. Maybe we'll solve them anyway. Although I'm not a musician, (I did study acoustic guitar, but found I had little to offer beyond manual dexterity), nonetheless I hope you'll accept me as one who deeply loves what musicians give to the human race.
Well Guys,

I’m based in Holland, Edam to be precise. I’m what you could call the perfect example of somebody who worked in a lot of areas.

As a musician I’m a self-made saxophone player in Rock n roll bands and in the earlier days making good money in entertainer bands on parties and weddings. After witnessing about “6000” weddings behind my horn, I decided never to get married and to get a job in a studio making real music. We owned a great studio in “Weesp” near Amsterdam, producing music and recording artists. This studio used to be part of a record company called Dureco. This studio was built in 1974. And yes, it still exists and it is still equipped with all the nice tube Microphones of Neumann and Telefunken. If you want to know more about it you should google “Dureco studio” and “E-sound”.

Besides of that, (we don’t earn a lot of money over here in the live music industry, especially Rock n roll artists.) I’ve being working as a Studio musician, Carpenter, Salesman, Chauffeur, Booth builder, Road manager, etc, etc, never wasting much time on these jobs to still be able to play music.

About 3 years ago, (already 3 years!) I met Ken when I was invited to demo the Personalized Amplification System with this band called “The Lady Shavers” in Edam.
I immediately fell in love with this system. Finally I could hear my self clearly on stage. The bad part was that I also clearly heard all my mistakes on my instrument. Time to practice again…In this period Bose needed some people to set up the business in Europe. Luckily they wanted me to work as a support manager for the LMTG (Live Music Technology Group.). And funny thing is, when I started pioneering for Bose in Europe, I found myself back as a Carpenter and Booth builder in Germany on the Frankfurter Music Fair, or driving miles and miles (I should say Kilometers.) with the European Demo Band “Straight-Up.”, as a road manager.

Nowadays I’m working on all kinds of marketing tools. For instance the “BLEW"
The “Bose Live Experience Wall” enables the MI stores in Europe to demonstrate the L1™ system and its concept without the need for a whole band. On this moment I’m working on a “live show” including the BLEW playing together with one live musician.

You will find me answering questions when I think that a touch of the European approach is appropriate…

I’m really enjoying my self working for Bose, although since I work for the company I don’t see my beloved horns very often…. But hey, working with all these musicians is just as good!

Let’s make some noise…
Well, my turn …

I grew up in an artistic environment: my father is a grand piano, organ and accordion player, as well as a great improviser. To me, he is a real musical genius, but hey, it’s my father Smile . My mother is a painter, and if you see her works, you can easily make a link between colours and sounds. My sister is a great grand piano player too. So guess what instrument I learned at first? Piano! What perspicacity!

I play grand piano since I’m 6, classical training, and could have become a professional player. (My preferences : Liszt, Chopin, Beethoven and Rachmaninov). But it was too elitist and not rock’n’roll enough! So I decided to learn bass guitar and drums by my own. (I had the rhythm in my skin since I was a little boy, because I used to practice my drumming skills with the wooden spoons my mother used for cooking, on the couch. We can still see the marks of my fury on the leather!). I got the “job” of drummer in a local band, without knowing drums! But it worked! We did a lot of concerts and gig, and we went quite famous … in our little town!

Nowadays, I still play drums and bass guitar in a power trio, with 2 other guitar players. The rule: no rules! We completely improvise, as my guitarists are absolutely unable to remember what they played 10 seconds before! But they are great improvisers, so it helps! It must groove, and make your body move. That’s for the spirit!
On the other hands, I didn’t forget my first love: piano. My brain is black and white, like keys. I made 3 albums, at home, alone, on which I play keyboards, grand piano, bass, percussions, and acoustic guitar (just a bit).

Bose® now. I’m developing the L1 business in France, telling my fellow musicians that their dreams come true, and that now, they can play better, nicer, wherever and whatever they want, and so on... you know the script! Working on this product is not a job, it’s a pleasure!

That’s all, folks, you know the essential. See you on the road or on stage, and stay tuned, I have more pictures to show you on the French forum!

And as my friend Wiek says, let’s make some noise!
I have worked for Bose since November 2004 - hired onto the Bose Live Music Technology team as a field sales representative. My responsibility includes (but is not limited to) supporting Guitar Center. I started in the Midwest/Texas region of the United States. I am now in the Western region which spans the Pacific and Mountain time zones.

I came to Bose from the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus for whom I played bass guitar.

My musical background includes piano lessons when I was in elementary school, trumpet and tuba in middle school, and guitar from my early teens (read: rebellious rock and roll years). I switched to bass when I discovered that all of my friends were better guitarists than I. I soon started to get paying gigs so I stuck with the bass. Smile In 1991 I completed the music performance and marketing program at Red Deer College in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Parallel to my musical evolution I developed a hobby level appreciation for audio electronics. My parents bought me a Heathkit electronics experimenter when I was 8 years old and I have not stopped fiddling with and building simple electronics gadgets since.

Kyle Harris:

Born: 6/12/____ Odessa, TX

Sign: Gemini

Raised: in Houston

Lived in: Dallas TX, Golden CO, and St. Louis MO

Years with Bose: 3

Musical Tastes: Let's put it this way, I actually LIKE "Zero Tolerance for Silence" from Pat Metheny. I can't explain why I like one song from a genre and not another, but it happens. You have me instantly with Metheny, Miles, Gabriel, Sting, and tight/loud guitars that aren't playing "METAL".

Band: Catfish Special- blues/rock/jam/funk/hilarious

Plays: I studied Music Education at the University of North Texas, so I learned how to play everything. I own guitars, bass, drums (trap and ethnic), keyboards, and various horns. Main instruements are guitar, percussion, and voice. I played trombone from 1981 to 1992. I'll leave it at that.

Why the L1 Team: How often in your life does everything seem to fall together? And in those times, how often does it combine the very things about which you are most passionate? I have loved every job I've had for what is has taught me or allowed me to do. In working for the Live Music Team at Bose, I have never felt so much at home. I'm still the black sheep of the family, but I love my family.

About my posts: I see the L1 as a brush is to an artist. In it's basic form, it is to be used in a particular fashion for best results. An artist, however, may want to force things out of it that the designer never imagined. I try to keep that in mind when answering questions.

I don't read owners manuals...I don't know anyone who actually does. I should, and so should you, but I forget. I've tried to do everything wrong with the L1 that I can and probably tried to connect things that aren't even instruments to it. I sympathize with you all, as a gigging musician/songwriter/noisemaker/goof, when it comes to making each and every performance count in quality as well as trying to bring something unique.

Favorite books: The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams; Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking; The Divine Milleau by Pierre Tilard de Chardin

Favorite Movies: Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead; Fandango; Closetland; Blues Brothers; Ocean's 11

That's enough I think
I have been with Bose since January of 2001. I started in our Product and Technical support division as a phone specialist. My experience as a guitarist and vocalist led me in my interest into exploring our Pro Portable Line of products. After gaining some real world experience I started compiling and facilitating training programs for our team and became one or resident resources for questions.

Through this experience I was asked to be involved with coaching a team of representatives who would provide support for the then upcoming L1 product launch. I quickly gained a respect for working with new users and getting to meet some of the pioneers responsible for this truly exciting time in live music.

This week I am excited to undertake another part of my journey as I have joined our Pro Marketing Team. I am constantly amazed by the thoughful nature in which our user community interacts and are appreciative of everyones contributions in assisting our customers.
Hi All,

Well... How do I begin. I've been at BOSE just over two years from now and I'm officially the Live Music Market Manager for Europe. Wie(k)chert (my assistant) and me have worked continuously through these years establishing the L1-community throughout Europe (and sometimes even outside of Europe) and I'm really happy to say that our network is growing day by day. Every European country now on this side of the pond had dedicated BOSE MusicPartners that are delighted to share our message throughout their realms and they do so with success.

I'm based in Belgium, but my travelling schedule has been a hectic one during the last years. I truly feel I can call myself 'European'.

I come from a long line of theatre people but drifted to music the moment I bought my first guitar. I toured with of a lot of bands (mainly being the singer), released my own album with EMI, wrote songs for a variety of other artists and I have kept doing so until this day... I love songwriting.

My parents forced me to get an economic/marketing degree and so I did. This route of my got me involved with brands like MIDAS, BSS, AKG, MOTU, MARTIN AUDIO, ... A great ride that allowed me to spend a lot of time in theatres, concert halls, studios and kept me connected strongly with a colourful variety of people who love 'the craft'.

edit (modified image to fit the page)
Hi everybody,

My name is Thomas Steinbrecher and I am working as a Senior Acoustic Designer for the Professional Systems Division in Germany. I am employed at Bose since 1995 and am enjoying being in the same team with such incredible folks like Chris, Cliff, Ken and many others for quite some years.

As far as my education goes, I have received a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover, Germany, in 1993 with a graduate work on an actively equalized HiFi loudspeaker system with special radiation properties.

Currently, my main work area is computer simulation of room and electro-acoustical problems with a special focus on loudspeaker system design, arrays, speech intelligibility and field verification measurements. For more than a decade now, I have been working as a specialist for the application of the Bose simulation tools Modeler and Auditioner and have designed hundreds of permanently installed sound systems of almost any size, mostly over here in Germany. Many of these employ line or bass array technology, especially in acoustically challenging spaces.

I have authored several papers about related topics for various European conventions and congresses as well as seminar lectures for universities, trade shows and the like. Besides that, I am an active working member in a couple of national and international standard working groups that cover topics like voice alarm evacuation and the IEC standard for the Speech Transmission Index (an important speech intelligibility metric). I am a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the German Acoustical Association (DEGA).

I am no musician, although many of my best friends are. I am just playing vinyl records and CDs. Interestingly, most of them are by musicians from North America and if I had to pick only the most important band, I would be in significant trouble to choose between the Grateful Dead and Giant Sand. Apart from that, whenever there is sufficient spare time available, I am working on my vintage Renault Estafette microbus.

At this point in time, I will try to concentrate on the German section of the forum and questions related to Bose professional products, but you never know... I am very much looking forward to this new experience.

Keep on trucking !
Hi All!

Quick note about my history…

I started at Bose in October 2014. I was hired on as Product Manager for Portable Systems.

I have been in and around the industry for over 15 years. I have a degree in Music Recording which led to a variety of jobs: live sound engineer, broadcast recording tech for NPR and freelance recording engineer.

I like to say I grew up at Lexicon (Later known as Harman Specialty Group). I started off as a software tester but eventually I would take over the SQA department. This was a great gig and I got to work with some fabulous people (most of which I consider mentors). Audio quality was our main focus and we felt strongly about holding product releases until we were sure they were ready for the world. I worked on a variety of products straddling both professional and consumer domains. Some products that come to mind are the Lexicon PCM 81 and 91 processors, MPX Series Processors, Lexicon 960L, Lexicon MC Series Surround Decoders and Mark Levinson amps, preamps and processors. Eventually, I would leave HSG for a role at Harmonix Music Systems where I joined the team that made the instrument controllers for the Rock Band Video Game franchise. Stand-out projects for me were the controllers for The Beatles: Rock Band. I even got to work on genuine 6 string (Strat style) with Fender that allowed users to play the authentic guitar parts for songs within Rock Band 3. After Harmonix, I joined InMusic Brands as the Product Manager for Alto Professional. At Alto, I helped launch two successful loudspeaker product lines, designed compact mixers, marketed a wireless loudspeaker extender, and created the wireframes an iOS app that enabled wireless control for pro loudspeakers and subs. The app featured controls for EQ, compression and limiting as well as a host of setup and test functions.

I also play drums in a rotation of 4-5 bands around Boston. The bands are all mainly rock but range from Surf to Roots and Country-rock. All of them are fun; playing and recording music with my friends is my main social outlet.
Hi Paul,

Nice knowing you come from a varied and deep musical background, and that you are a drummer!
From your first post, my thought was that you seemed a bit more "chatty" than some, offered a bit more info.
I like that!

Hope to read much more from you in your time with Bose.
Hi Paul,

Great to get to know you better.

We may have some shared history (sort of). Did you ever get to see or hear the Lexicon Signature 284 guitar amp? I have the early version of that amp, the McIntyre BluesMaker II.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick Biography. It never hurts to know something of someone's background.

Regarding Lexicon, I had my first contact with Lexicon equipment in recording studios as early as the mid 80's. The reverbs are legendary (and in those days they cost an arm and a leg). Ordinary mortals could basically only read about them, because owning them would have been like living in Utopia.

I started at Bose in October 2014

After only 7 months with Bose, I assume that it's still OK to say "Welcome to the family."

Your Resumé is pretty impressive and you've probably had loads of fun doing some of those things. Let's hope that your life with Bose will be equally as interesting and fulfilling as your previous stations.

Take care,

And another Hi Everybody,

I've just noticed that we seem to have another new at-Bose member since Fri June 17 2016.

He goes by the name of ChrisJ-at-Bose.

A very warm welcome to the Forum from me ChrisJ-at-Bose. We are a pretty inquisitive lot here on the forum. Do you feel like maybe giving us a short Resumé (CV or something like that) to sort of break the ice?

I hope that you (if necessary) quickly find your feet here. We're a nice easy going crowd here, even if I've maybe put you on the spot a bit with my request.

Take care,


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