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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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You setup for an event and turn on your S1.  And before you have a chance to connect your ipad via BT, someone in the audience sees the S1 on their phone and connects to it.

How do you get them to disconnect their phone from it?  Without some sort of passcode, anyone that sees the S1 can connect to it and not disconnect.

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Hi djharryg,

When you turn it on, the S1 Pro will re-connect to the last device it was connected to. The best way to avoid the situation you described, is to turn on your Bluetooth device BEFORE you turn on the S1 Pro.

While the S1 Pro is connected to your device, other devices cannot connect to it.


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You should be able to turn on Airplane mode and then turn Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi) back on. Granted, you won't get important calls, but, if that's the case you need to get a separate music player for breaks...like maybe that old phone?

What we did was put all of our break music on my (wi-fi only) iPad that runs my Bandhelper app for setlists, lyrics, etc, and I connect that to our Bluetooth receiver that's plugged into our analog mixer/dual L1 Compacts, rather than using my phone. You could do the same thing with the S1; use your phone for your calls, use your old phone or other player (Bluetooth or 1/8" input) for your break music.

Hope this helps,

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