A couple of weekends ago I performed outside at a local charity event where it was quite windy. My Crown headset microphone picked up the wind and amplified it through the L1. I had to turn and face a wall, behind the L1, to stop the noise of the wind coming through the L1's speakers, at which point I was no longer facing the audience.

Has anyone else ever encountered this sort of problem before and if you have, how do you/did you resolve it other than doing what I did?


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Hi Stu,

I ran into this a couple of weeks back - a wedding reception atop a high hill with lots of wind and no windscreens.

I rolled of *all* of the bass on the R1. This took out all of the rumble created by the wind.

It wasn't as full sounding as with the control at 12:00 o'clock - but still usable.
Windscreens are the best. I bought 5 of them a few years ago to put in every bag and carry all that I would possibly bring to a gig.

They are very cheap, and indispensable in a windy situation.

I also use them if I have a very bright room. I don't have to adjust my settings, and they work really well.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try next time I'm in a similar situation.

Go ahead and tell it. It's not obvious to me...

The Crown has a windscreen on it. It didn't help. Unless the wind screen you're talking about is something other than what I'm thinking a windscreen is.

Hi Stu,

I believe you use a Crown CM311A Headworn Microphone. It does indeed have a windscreen but if I remember correctly it is fairly thin and only covers the front.

I believe Gordy is referring to a thicker foam windscreen that encapsulates the entire microphone capsule may provide improved wind resistance but you would have to remove the factory windscreen to fit the other one on.

You would have to do some legwork to find one that will fit nicely but you could use a larger one just to test this theory.
you asked:
- I was playing this outdoor gig and the breeze was realy picking up , blowing stuff off my music stand and roaring in the mic... so I asked this pretty blond who seemed to be enjoying my playing, if she could come up on stage beside me and break the wind for me...
She apparently didn't quite understand me cuz she called me a sick kinky pig and stompped off.
I had an extremely windy gig last night. Even with windscreens on the mics they still had the wind rumble. I used the notch filter on my T1 to notch the wind sound out. I don't believe it's called a notch filter on the T1, but I don't remember the correct name. I just turned the volume way up, and adjusted the frequency until the wind noise was gone. I tried using the noise gate, but if it was high enough to eliminate the wind it also eliminated most of the vocals. Usually wind screens solve any wind problems I have, but the wind was so strong I kept my guitar case on stage to sit my guitar in, instead of using a stand. I believe the wind would have blown it over.

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