Guys at Bose -when doing the microphone shootouts, please make a note if any mic sounds particularly good on the 00 (flat) setting.
This might be helpful to those of us who need to plug a mic into channels 3 or 4, with no EQ
available. I assume that the mic preamps in channels 1 & 2 affect only gain and not tonal quality.
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The mic pre's are really good ones, recording quality. Compare them to anything. You'll be amazed how they stack up to tweakier high-dollar units. We worked real hard on this and we're happy we did.

About the presets: No mic that I know of sounds good for close vocal, even for recording for that matter. All our presets compensate for this. A lot of these mics sound a lot more natural when you back off a foot or so from them. Of course this is true in the studio too. No one does this for a live performance (backs very far off the mic) since you want to maximize gain before feedback by eating the mic. And so then you get funny sound and so then you need our presets to make it natural.

If you need more channels for all-the-same mics, use a small mixer into channels 1 or 2. The presets work on line levels too, so a mixer full of mics using the recommended preset will all sound great. Use the presets always. They are one of the really great features of our system and they really give you a no-brainer great-sounding place to start for any amplification.

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