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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

This is the place to discuss the S1 Pro system.

PRS JA-15The S1 Pro system has been the perfect complement to this nice little jazz box1. I run this straight into channel 22 with the ToneMatch switch set to Guitar.  Usually I leave the tone controls at 12:00 o'clock and the reverb off (personal preference).

Simple is good. I've all kinds of compliments on the guitar tone with this easy setup.

I run other guitars through the S1 Pro system, but I thought I'd share this one because it was a pleasant surprise.

What kind of guitar are you playing through your S1 Pro system?

1 PRS JA-15
If I need for guitar amp emulation I use a Boss GT-1 because it's small, light, and runs on batteries. 

2 I run an ElectroVoice N/D767A into channel 1. It's a dynamic mic (no phantom power required), and unfortunately, it's been discontinued for a couple of years.

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Sounds like a nice, tidy configuration which is simple to setup and use, yet sounds great. 

When I do solo gigs, I put my Martin acoustic 0000-28H with a passive K&K pickup into a Fire-Eye preamp/DI which runs on battery then into channel 1 with the ToneMatch set to guitar. For vocals, I use a Shure SM58 Beta in Channel 2 with the mic setting. The EQ is typically set flat at 12 o’clock but sometimes i roll off the bass depending on how I the S1 sits (on a pole, tilted etc.) and the room acoustics. I like a little bit of reverb especially on vocals (I need all the help I can get hahaha). I occasionally use channel 3 for some backup tracks or background music during breaks.

We recently used the S1 at an assisted living facility for a New Year’s Eve event in a very modest sized room and got a lot of compliments on the sound. That’s another nice aspect of the S1 - you can use it for just a hint of amplification to using it outdoors where you can crank up the volume (not to fill an arena mind you). It works well in both contexts. 

That PRS McCarty looks awesome. I have a McCarty solid body with the 1958 pickups that I gigged with a lot in my misspent youth 😁. Haven’t used the S1 with it yet, but I’d like to try it out. I play mostly acoustic now. 

I've run the following guitars into the S1pros - pretty much flat - no "tonematch":

Taylor T5z, Taylor 514CE (Acoustic with old Fishman Blender + Fishman Rare Earth), Taylor K24CE (Koa Acoustic) and a Line 6 Variax with and without Profiler.  In addition, my partner's 60s Fender Stratocaster sounds great run flat.

And my U-Bass and 6 string fretless bass...

For most gigs I "cheat" though and run my vocals (AKG C1000 or Neumann KMS105) and acoustic guitar (usually the K24 or 514) through an AER Tommy Emmanuel amplifier.  I then take the DI out of the AER into the Pros - running flat.  Thanks to its EQ choices, the AER amp adds amazing definition to the acoustic guitar and vocals along with a beautiful, unobtrusive reverb.

We've run a lot of different guitars through the L1 already. I have a Martin D-35 and a 000-28, plus a Collings CJ and a Guild 12-string, all with Fishman pickups. My playing partner switches between a UBass and a Taylor cutaway of some kind. I think the only thing of mine I haven't liked the sound of is my Taylor nylon, and it's the guitar's fault, not the L1's. The Collings has a new Infinity pickup, and it sounds absolutely wonderful.

I've tried a few of my electrics for fun, but we're playing an all-acoustic show right now.

My favourite is my Takamine 12-string acoustic which uses a CT4B II Preamp System.

Sometimes I'll play my Godin A6 Ultra. To get the best from this guitar I need two connect both TS outputs so I'm trying out a Behringer 1002B mixer. Not having too much success with eliminating a hum on the line.

Happiest with my Takamine and the S1 on a speaker stand (recently discovered much better sound with the S1 on a stand).

troubador posted:


Sometimes I'll play my Godin A6 Ultra. To get the best from this guitar I need two connect both TS outputs so I'm trying out a Behringer 1002B mixer. Not having too much success with eliminating a hum on the line.

Edit: " ... I need to connect both TS outputs ..." (not 'need two connect')


I have an assortment of acoustic guitars that I play through the S1. The one that gets played everyday is a Recording King Dirty Thirties 000 with an LR Baggs Element active pickup. It tunes and plays good, and sounds good with the S1 guitar preset, and just a touch of reverb. It and the S1 are always present and ready when I have an uncluttered moment to play and sing.

Others include some Martins, CEO7, SPOM-16, D-18GE, a Blueridge, BR163, a Taylor GS mini, and a Waterloo WL 14 XTR. All of these have LR Baggs pickups, either the iBeam or Element except the Waterloo which has a Baggs Lyric.

I use the preset for all guitars and EQ is generally near the midway settings. For me the S1 is primarily a practice amp/PA. 

Curiosity got the best of me and I have recently purchased an EV ND 96 mic and have been using it for vocals. It is not drastically different from the EV ND767 that I was using before. The 96, which to my ear, lacks a little warmth when compared to the 767, might not survive use outside of practice, though it will be in the gig bag. The ND 96 has amazing vocal clarity and I imagine, in it's suggested use for loud stages in a band setting, it would cut through like no other. It is a great companion to the S1 if you value clarity.

In my playing career I have never used a designated guitar amp for acoustic guitar. Early on I sang through a guitar amp and my acoustic guitar was held in a  manner that it was picked up by the vocal mic. Later when Small PA equipment became available to budding artists I miced the guitar through the PA. It wasn't till the mid 80's that pickups became "acoustic" enough that those of us who used mics would consider switching. It's interesting that with the S1, it is like going back to my beginnings, singing and playing my instrument through a single small amp, only now it works, much, much, better.



We sure have come a long way from a Frap or barcus-berry pickup into a Shure VocalMaster, haven't we?

I've been chasing the "perfect" amplified acoustic sound since 1968 and finally with a well seasoned 90s Taylor 514CE with Fishman Blender + Fishman Rare Earth Blend system installed and mixed together into a Tommy Emmanuel AER amp into the Bose S1 (or Bose L1S or L1M2) I think I got there...

I play a Composite Acoustics Legacy High Gloss Wine Red Carbon Burst.  It's a great sounding guitar, especially when going through a PA like the Bose S1 or L1 M2/T1. 

I bought this guitar as I was moving to Florida knowing what the heat and humidity can do to a guitar.  It's lived up to the hype, you don't have to worry about heat and/or humidity...this thing never changes.  Of course, the strings will change a little with high/low temps, but the neck or body never changes.


Composite AcousticsHi KingBiscuit,

Thanks for mentioning Composite Acoustics Legacy High Gloss Wine Red Carbon Burst.

My favourite go anywhere guitar is the Composite Acoustics Cargo.  It's a little bottom heavy but that's easy to dial out. It sounds terrific through the S1 Pro, and the L1 systems too.



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Hi ST,

Yes, I've tried the composite acoustic presets in the T1.  I didn't really fiddle with them much but I actually prefer the one of the standard presets better.  I think it's the "acoustic guitar with piezo pickup".  At some point, I'll buy a power supply and try the CA Legacy through the T1 and S1.  Perhaps I'll play around with the CA presets a bit more just to see if I can get it to sound better.

I can't believe CA isn't selling a TON of guitars.  I love this thing and everywhere I play, people ask me what kind of guitar it is and tell me it sounds great.  I got a feeling that it's a price thing coupled with the stigma of a "plastic guitar".   If they're going to spend that much money, they seem to want a brand name like Martin, Taylor, Gibson, etc.

A friend of mine is a real "guitar snob".  He came to visit after just buying a top of the line Taylor.  He was anxious to try the CA Legacy, I'm sure to tell me it just doesn't sound as good.  After about 2 minutes he said "Well, all that talk about exotic tone woods just went out the window".  LOL

Here's my guitar, finger prints and all.


I added "power pins" to make string changes easier and faster.  I also think they make the tone a little better.  I also put the "inlay" around the sound hold and outside.  Lastly, I added the arm guard.


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I too have a CA as well as a RainSong for playing outdoor gigs or ones that could present “inhospitable” environments.

They each have their pros and cons, but I prefer the CA overall tone over the RainSong. It’s been a great guitar. 

I also have a CA cargo which is an awesome travel guitar! My CA is pre Peavey. I don’t know why they aren’t that popular, but there are hard to find and it doesn’t seem Peavey markets them all that well.

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