Setting up a TC-Helicon VoiceLive to the Bose System using the Bose Channel Inserts.


Serial Effects - excerpt from the manual

I noticed that the VoiceLive is setup for balanced inputs and outputs. Setting that aside for now... this should work.
The VoiceLive Manual says "Note: Optimal connection to balanced equipment is achieved using balanced cables. However, if
your equipment is NOT balanced you will generally have no problems."

From page 8 of the
VoiceLive Manual on the TC-Helicon web site

Blue "Ring" is Send from the Bose System
Purple "Tip" is the Return to the Bose System

If you get things connected according to the two manuals, you should be able to hear your effects. Since you are running 'unbalanced' (and you really don't have an option to do otherwise) you may pick up some noise (but I doubt you will).

Important: VoiceLive Mic In Select button
Make sure this is *not* pushed in as this overrides the routing through the Inputs/Ouputs documented above.
The VoiceLive Manual says "MIC IN SELECT Button - This selects the microphone for the Vocal input. When not pressed, VoiceLive defaults to the Line input."


Link to the original discussion:
Help! Hooking up VoiceLive to ...
Original Post
Using the VoiceLive with Roland GR-20

Deakes (Duane) tells us:
Originally posted by deakes:
I thought I'd chime in on the voicelive conversation and offer up some more info to ST. I've been using the voicelive for about a year now as a solo acoustic act and doing the VL foot switch dance moving through keys and scales to sync the harmony to my lead vocal. With the VL, a Boss RC-20 and a Roland GR-20 at my feet it gets to be a real excercise in focus at times... at least until reciently. through another forum I found I could use the midi out of the Roland GR-20 to feed chord info to the midi in of the Voicelive and now the VL automatically tracks my changes by chord. What a good thing that is !! There's a new editor on the street too that gives you access to your VL from your PC for editing, here's a link to a forum for VL users.. lots of good stuff there. Hope that helps ! Duane

See: First gig with PAS, Voicelive and Variax
Here's an interesting quote from Jabber53 talking about his/her setup with the VoiceLive.

Originally posted by Jabber53:
I am a brand new PAS owner (two subs) as of today and spent the better part of the day working with the system both with and without my VoiceLive unit. At first, I wasn't really happy as I was getting a lot of hiss. So much so that I unplugged it and went straight in. Glad I did that to hear the natural sound of the system. It is great. However, I still wanted to sort out the VoiceLive unit. Of course, I plugged the thing in straight away without zeroing all the settings first and forgetting it was set to work well with my old three-way system.

I finally figured this thing out.

First, you really should run it using the TRS to two 1/4 plugs as a channel insert. That, coupled with turning the master on the remote down, the trim on channel one all the way up and the channel volume on the remote up from there for room volume produce the least amount of hiss for me. I also backed of a bit on the output of the VoiceLive unit itself.

Of course, I guess I could go back now with those settings and try running it without the insert setup, too and see if that does the same thing. Anyway, that's how I got the hiss to get down low enough that it didn't tick me off anymore.

Frankly, I still imagine I will be using the PAS straight and either not using the VoiceLive at all or using it sparingly for the few songs I want quiet harmony on or a slight bit of reverb. I am very pleased with the natural sound of the SM58 direct with the VoiceLive bypassed.

See the original discussion: TC Helicon VoiceLive
Hi again there ST I have been looking at the excerpts form the manuals you have posted here, and if I am reading this right, I am suppose to use the TRS split insert cable off the VoiceLive into channel in 1 and then run the microphone into a different channel on the PAS and then the Roland GR.-20 guitar Synthesizer into yet another channel… is the Right … Noel …
PS have I told you that I am technologically Ignorant yet?
Hi Noel,

It's easier to describe this for your specific setup rather than some generic this or that.

Let's deal with the GR20 first. Run that to Channel 2, preset 00.

Now the mic:

Take the Audix OM-5 and run it into Channel 1. Preset #05 should be fine (version 1 or 2 presets).

Set the gain staging (strong in the green, occasional flickers in the red okay).

Set up the TC Helicon with a Tip Ring Sleeve cable:

  • The connector that is the 'send' (could be marked Send, Right, or Ring) goes to the TC Helicon Line Input (Blue in the diagram below).
  • The connector that is the 'receive' (could be marked Return, Left, or Tip) goes to the TC Helicon Output - Left (Purple in the diagram below).

Note: There is a button on the TC Helicon, Mic input section Mic In Select Button: Right now it is probably pushed in (if you have been using the VoiceLive in front of the Bose System). When you run it through the Insert point - make sure that button is "out".

A little bit of testing with the levels on the Voice Live - and you should have things sounding great in no time.
Hey ST … I’m going to have to run down town to get a TRS split insert cable but before I do I was staring to set up the microphone when I was thinking. Won’t I lose my harmony and pitch control by running the mic direct like this or does the PAS reroute it back through the VoiceLive? I really, really appreciate your help on this; this is way over my head. ... Noel ... Confused
Hi Noel,

Here is what is happening when you use the Inserts.

  • Microphone - to - Bose Preamp (Channel 1)
  • Bose preamp - to - Voice Live (This is the Channel Insert Send)
  • Voice Live (harmonies and pitch controlled) - back to the Bose System (This is the Channel Insert Return).

We are *inserting* the VoiceLive into the signal chain in(side) the Bose System instead of affecting the mic input before it gets to the Bose System.

Now the reasonable question at this point is:

"Why not just run the mic to the VoiceLive and the VoiceLive to Channel 1 on the Bose?"

And the Answers are ...

  • If you run effects like the VoiceLive that alter the tone of the mic, then you probably will want to use preset 00 (instead of 05). When you do that you are missing out on the benefit of the preset.
  • If you run the mic direct to the VoiceLive, you are using the mic preamp in the VoiceLive. If you run the mic direct to the Bose, you are using the Bose mic preamp in the Bose.
    It is really up to you and your preferences, as to which sounds better.

    It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the mic preamps and presets in the Bose System, so I think it is at worth it to try it.

Another way to try things (not as conclusive, but it'll give you an idea)...

  • Scenario A: Run the mic direct to the Bose System (preset 05). Give this a listen.
  • Scenario B: Run the mic to the VoiceLive. Then
    Run the VoiceLive (no effects or harmony) to the Bose - Channel 1, preset 00. Give this a listen.

If you prefer mic direct to Bose (Scenario A) then get the insert cable and use the VoiceLive through the Insert point.
If you prefer mic to VoiceLive to Bose (Scenario B) then just leave it that way and add your harmonies and pitch control.

Originally posted by Col. Andy:
Noel: I've used my Vocal Harmonizer both ways, and much prefer direct into the bose with the insert to the Harmonizer. The Harmonizer works as usual, but I don't use much of the reverb these days.

Col. Andy

A second on that - I prefer the insert routing for the VoiceLive as well. The Bose mic-preamp & preset combo is very hard to beat.

And a second on the reverb too - I have reverb turned off 'globally' with the PAS.

I sure appreciate all your help guys but! You won't believe it. I spent all day working on it and I am right back were I started from. I hauled my PS1 to three different homes today to try and down load the preset update from their DVD players, and for some reason it just isn’t taking it. No sticking blinking light! Then I came home and spent the first part of tonight trying to run the VoiceLive live the way you guys have it. And for some reason I can’t get anything form the VoiceLive. I suspect it may be the splitter I pick up from Radio shack {since they were the only ones open} So I put it all back the way I had it so I could play for a while before it got to late. I think I am going to leave it like this until I get a new DVD player; which may be a while. I am a big reverb junky and it sounds awesome like this even know it’s probably not kosher and I am not getting the full use from my PS1 and its presets. Anyway I am right back were I started from. Thanks again! Smile ... Noel ...
Hi Noel - I'd suggest you go to a music store, rather than Radio Shack, for your cable - and be sure to call it a TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) "INSERT" cable. Many "splitters" don't have the same wiring functions, and simply split a single source into 2 identical signals. As ST has pointed out, the whole send and return property of an insert cable is what makes it work. has Horizon Insert Cables available. I bought a 15' insert cable from them. I checked several local stores and some online and they are not easy to find. They are referred to in the industry as "Insert" cables. The Horizon cable has one 1/4" end that splits into two 1/4" connectors, one (Red)labeled "Tip" and the other (blue) labeled "Ring"

about Jabber53's directions of turning the trim to max and controlling the volume with the channel knob on the remote, this won't hurt the PAS in anyway, right? varius
P.S. when plugging in the "tip" attachment in the "Y" cable scenerio with the voicelive, do I have to put the only the tip in for the "tip connection???
I'm currently getting ready to switch to a PAS and will be using it with a VoiceLive for vocals and Aura for guitar. I'm wondering if there's any way to get the guitar to run through the VoiceLive so I can pick up its built in effects and give a consistent sound between the two???

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