Tom what an excellent presentation. I picked up some good points. Some of the things you mentioned I have done intuitively and never thought much about it. Others I have never tried. However from now on, thanks to you, I will be more aware and try to improve myself.


Great job. One can always pick up a tip or two, by listening. You have obviously been around the loop a few times, with some very good points to think about.

I had to chuckle inside a bit about the self adjusting microphones. It does become rather instinctive after a while, although I know what you mean about the SM58. I love my EV767's and despite mentally and vocally adjusting, the difference between is very evident.
Sorry I started a thread elsewhere - didn't occur to me to look over here - duh! Red Face

Thanks again, Tom.

Refresh my memory, what mic were you using in the video? Is that the specific model you prefer? (I know there are several good ones out there) My issue isn't feedback (yet) it's tone quality, if that makes a difference.

I'm using an AKG 535 in the video, & that's the mic I prefer & have been told I sound best on. We had a bunch of mics at Ashland including an OM5, Neumann 105, Shure 87, Sennheiser 835, & several others I don't remember so well. Several guys said I sounded best on the AKG 535. I tend to sound nasal on most mics, so keep that in mind.

Hi Ted,

Originally posted by Ted the musicman:
I have watched half this video so far, it's great ! (Thanks Tom)

Unfortunately the last two times I have tried to watch it, it hasn't run and
it kinda locks up my PC. Anyone else have this problem ?

I'm not sure what the problem is but I have split the video into two sections. Please follow this link and you will see two pictures of Tom.

Click the picture with Tom holding his Guitar for the second half.

Here is the link.

Vocal and Guitar Performance Techniques
I tend to sound nasal on most mics, so keep that in mind.

Well, all the better - I tend to be nasally myself, especially when the oak trees are pollinating down here in Florida (like right now). Hopefully, between sinus rinse, the techniques you taught in the video, and a better mic, things will look up for me vocally...

One other question: you made mention of mic angle at one point in the video; I don't mean pivoting off the mic when you turn, I mean the angle of the mic in regards to your face. You held up your hand showing an angle, but the image was too small to tell what you were doing.

What were you saying is an optimum, or preferred, angle of the mic, relative to your face?
Tom, didn't you sing through a Neumann in Big Sur?

You sounded excellent through that one. To my ears, even better (more tonally balanced) than the AKG.
Granted, Cuchara was a boomier room, which I'm sure made the difference that I heard.
Regardless, I sure didn't hear anything even close to nasal, I heard perfection.

I did sing through a Neumann KMS 105 in Big Sur & really liked it. I tried it again at Ashland & was ready to buy one after I tried it, but folks there who heard me said I sounded better on the AKG - go figure.


I'm not sure the exact angle. It's somewhere between 30 & 45 degrees for me usually - relative to the perpendicular mic stand. To my face I guess that would be down the same amount.

Hi Ted,

Originally posted by Ted the musicman:
Hi ST Smile

Since you've re-edited the videos I am having no problem with lock ups !



Thanks for letting us know that worked. I appreciate that you let me know that the change made a difference.


To all:
Tom has added some technical notes to the wiki about the microphone, instruments and pickups he was using. You will find those at the end of the wiki page.

Vocal and Guitar Tone, and Performance Techniques.
Tom -

This was so good that I'm sending a link to my bandmates for them to view it! You covered a lot of worthwhile subjects for performers. I wish my hearing was better, to distinguish the subtle differences you were pointing out on some things, but overall I thought you gave a thorough presentation. EXCELLENT!

(ST - Thanks for your efforts in makin' it happen in the Wiki!)

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