I want to shoot video of acoustic guitar using an iPhone, but I would also like to use my large diaphragm mic that requires phantom power for the audio. I was thinking of running the mic through the T1, in part, to supply phantom power. Not sure how to route the audio from the T1 to the phone. I presume I need adapters including 3.5mm to lightning, but what other cable(s) are needed and what is the input output path, physically and in terms of T1 settings please? I searched through the forums and did not quite see the answers I was looking for and I apologize if I overlooked it.  Thank you in advance.



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John, I was also going to suggest the iRig Pre as well, as you would just plug your mic into it, plug it into your headphone jack and turn on the phantom power switch. If you don't have a headphone jack (newer iPhones) just get a lighting to headphone adapter. I've used that adapter for my iRig2 (guitar interface) and have had absolutely no issues using it with any guitar apps.

Not sure how much more idiot proof you're looking for? I don't think you even have to run the iK Multimedia app, as the interface should just make it available as an audio source for the video recording app, as Dr Erv described.

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Thanks for the iRig Pre recommendation. Hoping to avoid purchasing another device unless necessary. As for idiot proof, what I mean (and thought I articulated in the initial post, but apparently not)  is which inputs and outputs should be used. For example, on the T1, channel 1-3 vs 4/5. And different channels behave differently and (can) accept different types of cables (mono, stereo, etc). I want to be certain I get the right cables the first time. There are some variables in this area that have not been addressed. Hoping someone with detailed knowledge will chime in. Thank you.


John S posted:

As for idiot proof, what I mean (and thought I articulated in the initial post, but apparently not)  is which inputs and outputs should be used. 

Ahhhh, I see now. I thought you were wanting something in place of the T1 rather that to use with it. As the T1 has a 1/4" output (balanced or unbalanced), I would suggest the $40 iRig2 guitar/instrument interface for the iPhone (and select androids). You're going to need some kind of cable adapter anyway with built in resistive attenuation and the proper wiring to convert a mono 1/4" input to the iPhone's 3.5mm TRRS and they typically run around that same price. So, it'd be either a 1/4" to 3.5mm TRS cable to a 3.5mm TRS/TRSS adapter cable or a plain old 1/4" guitar cable to the iRig2, which plugs into the iPhone.  (Note: if you have a lighting connector, you'll need a lighting/headphone adapter as well.)

The iRig2 is unpowered, small, designed to do this, takes a simple instrument cable connection from your T1 Main Out, and unlike a simple adapter cable, gives you headphone monitoring of what's going into and playing on the iphone (if tracking), input volume control and a 1/4" output to an external amp or speaker if you want. If you normally use the T1 1/4" output to your L1(?) you can easily put this between your T1 and L1. If you use the T1 Tonematch output, you can connect the unused Main 1/4" T1 output to the iRig2 and iPhone.

Hope this helps,

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