L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

Using the T1 audio engine with the Model I system

Okay, how exactly is this going to be done? and, What's going to be the benefit of using a new T1 with my existing L1? Just lots of new presets?

Exactly how it will be done goes like this: The T1(tm) has a master analog output that can be run back to a channel of the L1mI system. A separate power supply (not a wall wart, btw) powers the T1.

The benefits of the T1(tm) are many, much more than just presets. You have studio-quality effects, a chromatic tuner, zEQ( a new kind of equalization tied into the ToneMatch(tm) presets - we will talk more about this)...the list goes on.

When the website goes live all the details will be there. That should happen any minute now.

From what I can gather some effects have been added to the T1. Have y'all found a way to add reverb to the system without significantly impacting the clarity ?

Reverb is now available. To answer your question, all reverbs (including ours) will impact the clarity of an instrument if used too much. Some artists use this as a tool (where would My Morning Jacket be without all that 'verb?)? So it's all in listening to what you like and want.

The nice thing is, as those of you who use outboard effects alreay know, setting effects using the L1(tm) is easier - you hear what the audience hears. With a triple system I always fpound it easy to add to much reverb, since I was right in the beam of a monitor or PA speaker.

Much more to come.

Originally posted by BabyBlueEyes:
What's going to be the benefit of using a new T1 with my existing L1? Just lots of new presets?

I love this part. If you use the analog audio outputs from the T1 into Ch. 3 or 4 on the L1 Model I, you would have 5 mic preamps available for that system.

Hi Drummers!!!

2 of them would be the usual old fashioned inputs, the other 3 would have effects, gates, zEQ, etc. But 5 mic pres and 3 line level signal options....whew!


Did you mean to edit my entire post? Not being confrontational, just curious why you chose, if intentional, to reply inside of my own post.

It ain't no thang...

Baby Blue Eyes,

I am so sorry, but I mangled your message by hitting edit instead of quote. Instead of leaving a mess, I just deleted it for clarity...sorry. It's early.

Your question was what would be the benefit of a T1 module with a classic L1 system?

Well, when you plug the T1 analog audio out into, say, Ch. 3 on the L1 Model 1 or L1 Classic (either), then you would have 5 mic preamps available to you on one system. Good for drummers, percussionists, "I play multiple guitar"ists, etc. You would have to do a little playing around as to which instruments/voices you ran to the T1 effects or the effectless L1 channels and with the overall gain settings, but that's just a rehearsal or so away from nirvana.
Could you hook up 4 of them to 1, 2, 3 and 4 and get 20 inputs??

Each T1 has a 1/4" analog Master Output, so yes, you can connect multiple T1s to an L1 Classic. Four T1s would give you a total of 12 XLR mic inputs or 16 1/4" instrument inputs. (Channels 4 and 5 on the T1 are ganged together as a stereo input with a single set of controls, presets, etc, so I'd tend to think of them as a single input channel.)

Once the site goes live (any time now...) you'll get a close-up look at the ins and outs on the back of the T1.

Could you hook up 4 of them to 1, 2, 3 and 4 and get 20 inputs??

Interesting for Bigger groups.

This is not a primary design intent, but with some creativty it could be done - the T1(tm) is really meant for a single musician to craft their sound. Certainly a small group can share a T1, but I think a lot of folks will find a lot of reasons to wow their own T1.
But if you were one musician and you wanted to have 2 Model II speakers for larger sound - you would only need one T1?

Yes, you could do this by using the T1(tm). It;s an interesting idea - but I haven't found it to make the sound any bigger per se. The reason I wouldn't reccomend it - the effects and the T1(tm) itself are mono. You will get weird phase cancellations throughout the room doing this, and then you'd be back to it sounding different everywhere you stood in the space.
Originally posted by BabyBlueEyes:
But how about separate signals to those 2 L1's? No problem running, say, keys to one and bass to the other, but all controlled through the one T1?

This would be a little bit more tricky with a single T1(tm), but can be done. There is a master output that you could send to one L1(tm). There is also an assignable aux out that you could send to a second L1(tm).

The T1(tm) was designed with one or more musicians going into a single L1(tm), so the routing for situations like this can be tricky.

Thanks, Tom.
I love the smaller profile and my back would welcome the 8 pounds less weight. The wider dispersion doesn't necessarily get me all psyched up because I already think my sound is fantastic in the venues where I play. I do like the smaller profile, though. The question is: is the model II worth it for us "Classic" owners over utilizing a $499 T1 upgrade with our present systems?


(Of course, knowing how obssessed I am about gear, this is really a moot issue Big Grin)

I enjoy seeing "L1 Classic" in the context of discussions here. I also can be quite obsessive when it comes to gear choices and wanting to balance all variables involved. One thing I will say is that the original design of the L1 Classic is very effective and a major reason why it will remain in the product family as the new L1 model I system. It sounds like your set up is working nicely for you and the prospect of introducing a T1 can add some powerful toneshaping and processing features.

It would be great years from now asking the following question:

What to you play?

"A _____ through an L1 Classic with a T1 on the front end"

Best of luck in your decision, keep asking those questions.
how am I gonna justify getting the new series 2 to the missus?

We need a whole thread on this to save our marriages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The series 1 has been found to be a major source of greenhouse gasses and Bose has had a global recall in order to deregister the uranium rods and have sent us these as a replacement................." ( then quickly change the subject and comment on how well her shoes go with the new bag she bought last week )
I sold my L1 tonight. I'll deliver the L1 Classic on the day I receive my Model II. That didn't take me long.

BTW, I sold my classic to the venue where I play a regular Thursday night gig. They love the sound of the L1 Classic. Bye-bye to their old Peavy system and huge clunker speakers.
KUDOs to Bose! 2 things here that should be noted (or shouted from the rooftops)

1. Bose actually listened to their L1 users when designing the L1v2.0 (sorry, I like computer terms...) We built our wish lists, aired our "if onlys" after gaining some experience with the systems in performance settings, and Bose listened. Then they took that info, incorporated much of it into the new design, and STILL managed to come up with improvements we didn't think of (smaller base with legs that accomodate the B1, articulated array, etc...)

2. They didn't leave us L1v1.0 user behind! How many times have you bought something, only to find out in a year or two that a version much better suited to your needs has been released, but is totally incompatible with the one you bought? Great job Bose, but of course, those of us who know you expect nothing less!

This is one of those rare times when I can't wait to write a check! Big Grin

Dear Bose Engineers:

Thanks for the Tonematch(tm) T1 audio engine!

Written by yours truly on Dec. 3, 2006

Is there a "composite" audio-out mix from all four channels of the L1/B1 somewhere? I just want to drive a recording device (Minidisk) with the mix from the PS/1 and include all four channels.

I've only had my L1/B1 system less than a week, but I'm finding I would like to see a "redesign" of the input/output module of this system that takes into consideration multiple inputs/outputs on the PS/1, simliar to a 6-8 channel mixer. Maybe that is in the works already as L2/B2 or is R2D2??? HA!

Or here's another thought....make it an "option" for us L1/B1 owners as an "add-on" device that is tightly integrated with the PS/1 power stand somehow. Or a new, larger, 4 Ch. Remote w/IO would work also!

It appears you were already way ahead of me on this!!! Thanks for listenin'!!
Bose actually listened to their L1 users when designing the L1v2.0 (sorry, I like computer terms...) We built our wish lists, aired our "if onlys" after gaining some experience with the systems in performance settings, and Bose listened. Then they took that info, incorporated much of it into the new design, and STILL managed to come up with improvements we didn't think of (smaller base with legs that accomodate the B1, articulated array, etc...)

That is exactly right. This community is primarily responsible for input necessary to design the Model II.

We used our L1 Model I systems for some gigs now (smallest venue: 25 square meters, a birthday party, bigger venues: music clubs for about 150 people). Everything worked great! We love the model I!! ANd I prefer the bigger powerstand because I can place several things on it (a/b box, slide, tuner, picks ect..). But I definately WILL BUY (and already ordered) a T1 so I can get rid of my preamp. I then will have 6 inputs with those great preset sounds!!! What a luxury! www.blissnblue.com
Sorry to barge into this conversation, but I want to be clear on using the T1 for 2 L1 unites....here's how I would use it... There are two guitarists and a Latin Percussionist (www.TheThreeGringos.com).

We normally we use a mackie 8 channel mixer for the effects and split one guitar our the right to an L1 and another out the left to the other L1...mixing the percussion between the two if needed.

What I am reading about the T1 controller is that the Aux sends a dry signal which would mean that it wouldn't work for us....did I read that wrong (my thought would be the main signal goes to one L1 and the aux go to another L1)

Hi Bryan,

Source: MikeZ-at-Bose

Originally posted by MikeZ-at-Bose:
Originally posted by Reso_Ralph:
Do the channel outputs in the T1 send out the signal WITH or WITHOUT the presets? Hopefully WITH ... www.blissnblue.com

The preamp outs for Channels 1,2,3 on the T1(tm) are WITHOUT presets. They are direct pre-amp outs to send to a house/recording/etc. board without any EQ or effects. The assumption is that you are sending these signals to a speaker other than an L1, and so you may not want the preset EQ.

The master out will be post everything and will include presets, EQ, effects.

The aux out can be assigned to either 'Dry', jut like the preamp outs, Pre-Fader with effects and EQ (but no master fader), or Post-Fader, which includes effects, EQ and the position of the channel fader.


I'm on the road today, but I'll try to Sketch this up for you later.
Hi Bryan (SmoothJazzer)

I couldn't wait.
How does this look?

Here's a shot at using the Sketcher for your Trio. I did some of this from memory (guessing at where you put your percussionist, and I couldn't remember if this person is a vocalist too).

-- click image to make changes to the live version --

Orange numbers are Systems and Inputs using those Systems.
Blue ringed numbers are Channels on the Systems.
Green numbers are for general notes about the Sketch and connections to non-Bose gear.

Using the T1 ToneMatch™ audio engine we have 3 inputs with Presets and Effects so we have to prioritize:

I have run the Vocal microphones to the T1
- then routed out the
  • Main Out to Powerstand : Channel
  • Aux to Powerstand : Channel

The Guitars are running direct to the Powerstands and directly behind them.

The Percussion Mics are running to the Powerstands and

So every input has the benefit of a preset.

All the vocals have presets and effects if needed.

My understanding is that you can route the mics to the T1 Master Out or Aux Out with/without presets or effects. So you get to decide where each microphone will 'appear' in System 1 or System 2.

I thought maybe lines would help.

As much as anything - this is an experiment in communication. Is it working?

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