Using the Spotify Equalizer with your S1 Pro systems

If you're using Spotify and want to adjust the EQ over Bluetooth with your S1 Pro system you can use the Spotify Equalizer 

I just tried it.

  • Turn the down volume on Channel 3 on two S1 Pro systems
  • Use the Bose Connect app to connect to the first S1 Pro system
  • Use the Bose Connect app to connect to the second S1 Pro system
  • I chose to run stereo (optional)
  • I set the volume about half-way in the Bose Connect app
  • Open Spotify and play some music
  • Use the Spotify Equalizer to lower the bass frequencies (I tried several of the presets and then made some changes manually)
  • Make adjustments to the volume to suit the situation

This demonstrates a couple of things.

  • You can use the Bose Connect app to set up two S1 Pro systems
  • Use another app to play some music
  • Use can use another app to modify the EQ


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