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Hi,  this is my first post on this forum.  I am a singer who has used the Bose Tonematch with my L1 and now F1 system.  I am now doing gigs where I need to use guitar effects and I wanted to use my MacBook for amp modeling, running my guitar through a Presonus audio box to the Tonematch.  Problem is the sound once in my Tonematch is not as clear as when I use headphone straight out of the audio box. This is not good because the guitar presets in Tonematch do not suit my needs.  Has anyone used this type of setup... MacBook to focusrite or presonus to Tonematch?  Should I be running guitar rig from my iPad?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I will give that a try.  My only concern here is that it will cut my Presonus audio box out of the equation. The presonus is my way of getting the desired guitar tone via main-stage.  I did create a work around by running the presonus into 1 of the 2 inputs on my F1 unless there is a better way.


Hi Charlie,

Yes, I was suggesting that you bypass the Presonus if it's sole function was to serve as the audio interface. The T1® can serve as the audio interface too. I got the impression that all the audio processing was happening in the MacBook.

You wrote, "The presonus is my way of getting the desired guitar tone via main-stage."

What is "main-stage".


Mainstage ($29.99)  is an Apple program for the MacBook that is used for live performance.  Not a slouch program... used by the pros... dirty little secret It is essentially a virtual mixing board.  I can run dry guitar/vocals/backing tracks currently on my Mac through mainstage and achieve modeled tones out to my Bose system that may not be included with the T1.  Obviously I am still in the process of learning the best way to get this to my Bose system.  I think I may just run it direct to the Bose F1 and use the T1 as standby for now.  Like I said still in the process of figuring out the logistics to keep it simple.


Hi Charlie,

That sounds like Mainstage is doing everything inside the MacBook and not dependent on the Presonus. If that's so, then there's a good chance that you can use the T1® instead of the Presonus. Either way, it doesn't seem necessary to use both the Presonus and the T1® for your guitar. But if you are also running vocals, then you may prefer the T1® for it's microphone presets and effects.

I have a Presonus interface that I use for other things, and I prefer the T1® for processing vocals. I also find that it's easier to use the T1® than the software interface that it takes to control the Presonus.


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