Using L1 Compact with a Yamaha Stagepas 600i

I am looking for the best way to chain together my L1 Compact and Tonematch T1 with a Yamaha Stagepas 600i to augment an outdoor live sound performance.

I would love to use the preset vocal effects of the Tonematch.

My technical ability is limited so I'm looking for step by step directions and a schematic like you've provided in the past. 

Thanks so much!


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Set the Yamaha channel 3 or 4 to "Line", and connect a 1/4" cable from the Compact's 1/4" output to the channel combo jack. (Don't use the stereo channels or it will only come out of one StagePas speaker, they're not stereo/mono channels).

Or, do the same with a dual RCA cable from the Compact's RCA outputs to Channel 7/8 on the Yamaha. The Compact's RCA outputs are both mono.

I don't know if the Compact's outputs are affected by the Compact's onboard volume control so you might want to verify that (I would think so, but check).

Hope this helps,

Feedback is a product of the microphones picking up any speaker sound wave output and recirculating/reamplifying them through the system until it feeds back. If you don't normally have feedback issues with the L1's behind you (which is where the L1's are designed to be), adding the Yamaha speakers up front would only be an issue if they're close enough to the microphones to be picked up.

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