USB Out and Reverb?

Hello all,

Hey, I love my Bose system. I would like to use the Tone Match as a small mixer and stream the output to my PC using USB. My objective is to stream this live to the Web for Shoutcast Web broadcasting.

I have the ToneMatch feeding into my PC via USB, but I was reading in the User Manual (imagine that!) and it mentions on pg. 30 "USB to PC ... All channel sources supply post-volume controls signals with all processing except reverb.

I know normally you would want to record dry, but in this case it is something of a live performance.

Any work-around to send reverb to the USB output?

Thanks so much!

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Hi DougB,

That is a REALLY interesting question.

There is no reverb in the Aux send either. This is a note from Hilmar-at-Bose about why that is so.


Q: Why is there no Reverb on the Aux output of the T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine?

A: Hilmar-at-Bose writes

The T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine has lots of different effects units and normally they are unique to each channel. That means that the T1™ has 4 individual dynamic processors, 4 modulators (chorus flanger, phaser, etc.) , 4 EQs, 4 delay processors, etc. The only exception is the reverb, which is shared by all channels.
The AUX is also a per-channel control. That means if you turn up the AUX of channel, you expect to hear signals from channel 1 and only from channel 1. However, the output of the reverb processor contains the reverb portions of all 4 channels. If we add that to the Aux, you'd hear the reverb portions of all 4 channels and not only the channel that you are interested in. In most cases, this is probably not what you want.
If you are familiar with conventional mixing consoles, you will find that the situation is quite similar. You can only route to an AUX output effects that are specific to a channel (normally these would be connected to the insert loop of this channel). The "shared" effects typically come into the board through an AUX return, which is not channel specific.

Source: No Reverb on Aux

The reasoning seems equally applicable with respect to the USB - at least since you can assign individual channels to the USB output.

Maybe we can get some more insight from someone-at-Bose.
Yeah, I suspect no one thought of this as a possible application.

It is a shame too, because the audio engine gives out such a great sound and this would be the perfect solution for performing live on the Web, along with a fairly powerful laptop and network connection.

If anyone has a suggestion I'm open ...


Hey Mark,

What are you thinking here? Hard-wire Analog Master out to one of the unused channels and route that to USB out?

I was trying to get my head around that but I couldn't quite see how to make that work. I *can* see how to do it by hardwiring Aux out to a spare Channel, but you lose Reverb on Aux.

So I'm dying to see what you're thinking about here.
Yes, hard wire Master to CH 4.

- Ch 4 aux Pre All.

- Ch 4 fader at zero (to prevent an internal feedback loop). Perhaps the Channel Mute on, depending where in the signal path this is.

- Ch 4 Aux send to USB.

I haven't tried it in the real world but theoretically it might just work.

Any tech thoughts from Bose Engineers? if I understand you, you're suggesting:

1. Running channels 1 and 2 (Microphone and Guitar) to the Master output only (no USB).

2. Running a cable from the Master output into the channel 4 input.

3. Sending just the channel 4 output alone to the USB.

Am I following this correctly?

If so, this would be an absolutely simple and very portable way to use the Tone Match Engine, WinAmp software (free on the Web), a Streams service provider (pretty cheap) and a laptop PC to broadcast live over the Web where folks could pick it up on their home computers.

Throw in a wireless broad band modem from Verizon or Sprint (assuming bandwidth holds up) and you're offering a super portable, super audio quality live performance over the Web.

Pretty snazzy guys...and more value from my beloved Bose system.

Sound right?

Okay - cool Mark,

Edit: Hi DougB - didn't see your post above (probably typing in at the same time).

Yes - I think you've got it. See below for what I did.

That works.

Exactly as you said:

  1. Hard wire Master Output to Channel 4 input
  2. Channel 4 Aux Level 100% | Tap: Pre
  3. Channel 4 Vol off (Mute too to be safe but not critical)
  4. Prefs: USB to PC set to Aux

I was having some issues with levels - currently very low - but I think you could sort that out with more time. I really just wanted to see if the signal flowed all the way through, and it does.
Hi gang !... been awhile since my last post Wink heh, I'm thinking about picking up a T1, to also do live streaming... I'm going to be doing Karaoke as well as live acoustic gigs, so Reverb is also a must back to the PC... for Karaoke, (playing from my tablet PC - which will also be performing the audio stream), I'll need a stereo input source into the T1... If I route the master back through channel 4, what stereo input source could I use ?... could I route the master back to channel 3, and leave 4/5 available for stereo input ?...

Thanks !... ST, how's life on the West Coast these days ?

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