Hi Greg F.

A standard RCA male-to-male should be fine. No need to go an buy a "digital" grade cable. I've upgraded several units with the same cable as I use for the audio components.

You are looking for a co-axial digital out from the DVD player.
I have contacted several Personal Amplification System owners that I know of in the Capital District area of NY that I will be happy to perform the upgrades for them if they wish.

The invitation is extended to those who I don't know as well.

I live in the Clifton Park/Saratoga area (Albany) and my phone number is in the signature.
I downloaded the firmware and presets and followed the directions completely. I keep getting a blinking red light after the presets update. I've changed cables, redownloaded and unzipped twice, turned the PS1 off and on, same results. Cap or anyone, any ideas?

I had the same problem with one of my two PAS systems. I kept getting the red flashing light at the end of the 2.0 upgrade. I had to make a couple of the music CD's with the 2.0 wav to finally get it to work. I also slowed down the recording speed to record the music CD on the final copy that worked. Not sure why, but it seemed to help! Both are upgraded. Don't give up!
Jerry Thompson
Jerry, so far it's still not taking. I'll keep trying though. I might just have to make the time to travel up to Cap's office to have him do it with the original discs. Boy am I getting lazy these days. BTW, I actually threw out the discs when I received them from Bose. Mad
Hi Greg/Jerry. Some random things to consider when upgrading your system by the download-burn CD method.

  • Burn the downloaded file as a "audio" CD, not a "data" CD
  • Make sure that your burn software has all processing disabled. Some software applies normalization. Check the options to make sure that this is OFF.
  • When you burn the CD, I actually prefer to burn 3 tracks of the same file in a row. So, in other words, tracks 1, 2, and 3 would be the same file.
  • On your DVD player you MUST TURN OFF ALL DSP PROCESSING like dynamic range compression, 3D effects, speaker size selection
  • If you are using a portable DVD player with a volume control, make sure that the volume control is at MAX.
  • On your DVD player, try BITSTREAM MODE first. If that doesn't work, we've seen PCM MODE work also.
  • When flashing the PS1 using the DVD player, it's sometimes good to start with the DVD player at STOP. Turn the PS1 off, then back on. Next, press play on the DVD player to start the upgrade process. Be patient, it sometimes takes 10 seconds or so to start the blinking.

    I hope these suggestions help!
  • (Oh, is this ever gonna sound strange...)

    I got my first complaint EVER today to turn down the bass from a banquet manager who had another party going...on the second floor...over 300' from my set...with over 500 people between my set and the 2nd floor stairwell. Coulda kissed the guy right on the lips.

    Preset 57. Thank you for the complaint.

    (Gregg and Zac : Holiday Inn Turf, Atrium, against the far wall near the pool entrance. Party was upstairs in the smaller of the two rooms topside.)
    I tried searching but couldn't find a thread specifically focused on using an external mixer.

    I'm particularly interested in hearing the trials and tribulations of what others have gone through and whether anyone has found it better to go with a preset on channel 1/2 or 3/4 with none.

    I tried first using the external mixer last winter and had a horrible time as I tried to get a decent sound by plugging into the power amp input and eq'ing from there.

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