Two L1's using 1 Alesis Nanoverb ?

Greetings all;
I was wondering if anyone has experience using
two LI's with one Alesis Nanoverb for vocals. Specifically, we have 2 LI's, one for myself as guitar/vocals, the other is the bassist/vocals. Our vocals would be coming out of the channel 1 inserts from each of our systems. It appears the only way to connect from the inserts on each of our systems is 1 insert from one system to the left input of the Nanoverb and the other systems insert connected to the right input of the Nanoverb. Here's a link to the back of the Nanoverb.

Nanoverb manual page 13 has diagrams.,

Seems to me this wouldn't be Serial or Parallel connecting as Bose describes in their manual. Wouldn't we each need our own Nanoverb unit? We haven't purchased the Nanoverb yet, but I want to make an informed decision before buying anything. Thanks in advance for your help !
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Hi Glenbury/Anthony,

Thanks for providing links to the documentation.

I don't know if you need it, but here is a link to some notes we have in the wiki about using the Alesis NanoVerb. I think you have a pretty good handle on the material covered at that link.


Seems to me this wouldn't be Serial or Parallel connecting as Bose describes in their manual.

To do what you are describing with a single Nanoverb unit - you are treating it like two processors in one box.

The short answer: You have enough inputs and outputs on the Nanoverb to get effects out of two L1™s. The concerns:

  • Both L1™s will share the same settings on the NanoVerb (Input, Mix, Output, Effect, Adjust).

  • There may be some cross-talk between the channels. I don't have a Nanoverb here to test that.

    My guess is that even if there is cross-talk depending on the effect, you may not notice it, especially if you were running both channels through a single L1™.

If you get one, please let us know if you have any issues with cross-talk between the Channels. Some of the regulars around here run Nanoverbs, and maybe they can comment.

If you want independent control of the effects you need two units.

edit: fixed link into the wiki
Hi (also) Glenbury/Anthony:

Another possible consideration is the potential for introducing ground-loops or "hum" -- you'd probably want to be careful to have both L1's (and the Nanoverb) plugged into the same power circuit. The chassis of the Nanoverb, used in this way, becomes a common "link" between the two L1's.
ST wrote: There may be some cross-talk between the channels.

Yes, - there is some crosstalk (at least on my picoverb). For each input channel (left/right) my picoverb produces a stereo-reverb on both output channels.
With dry signal (Mix knob totaly counter clockwise) the left/right signals are routed separately to left/right.
With any reverb there is allways the same reverb portion on both left+right outputs.

Like ST says, if you are using two channels on one L1 this doesn't matter. If using two channels on two L1 it depends on you (how much reverb, singing over both channels at the same time etc.).


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