T8S blank screen

Hi guys 

have some concerns regarding the TS8

sometimes when I power it up I’m getting a blank screen ,AKA - zero / nothing 

this can be “rectified” by turning the unit off ,on 

but sometimes it takes a few goes 

it’s basically proving to be a little unreliable 

any thoughts / ideas?

obviously if I can’t get around this I’ll be returning the unit - which I hope not to 

cheers & thanks 



edit title: Previously "TS 8 concerns"
Bose Pro Community Admin  

Original Post


Thanks for your reply

power supply in properly was not an issue - you could see the unit had powered on from the screen but the screen itself was blank of any information

after reading a review by Craig Anderton - where it was mentioned people were saying the TS8 was unreliable but CA thought it was because they didnt have the latest firmware - I found your page/videos of how to update - and haven't had an issue powering up since - so fingers crossed it was a firmware issue 

I only had the unit a little over a week 

thanks again


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