Ok all! It's time to revisit this topic. A few months ago I read some posts on hard cases for the PAS sticks. My biggest fear in transporting my PAS systems is bumping and denting the speakers (sticks). The soft cases do allow easy transport but one wrong bump and they can be damaged, OUCH! I went to my local Wal-Mart and not to my surprise, I was not able to purchase a rifle case to store and transport my PAS sticks. I was told, as is the Wal-Mart tradition, that rifle cases are seasonal, like Christmas (my input), and they would have a selection in September-October. Well, this past weekend I purchased two rifle cases at around $60 each. They work perfectly fitting the two sticks for each PAS in one case. I was able to thin the original styrofoam and fit them side-by-side as they were originally shipped to me. I am now confident that they will arrive unscratched or dented to every event! It's been a long 10 months since I purchased my PAS Systems and still have them in perfect condition. The padded/carpeted truck bed with a solid locking Tonneau cover also helps alot for transport.
So, this is a rememder that when they are gone you will have to wait till next year to get the case you want. So, get out and get them today! Later today I will post a few pictures and give the brand name of the cases I bought!


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Here are a couple of pics from a birthday pool party I DJed in Nogales, Arizona about 6 weeks ago!



This system is great outdoors! I DJed a reception last week in a back yard in my neighborhood and a friend told me he could faintly hear the music 4 blocks away! About 1/2 mile! The music was comfortable in the back yard too. There were eight rows of houses between my system and my friends house! No complaints though! I told the customers that the neighbors would hear the music but it would be soothing, not annoying! I was right! No complaints!

Are those gun case pictures the same ones that Tom mentioned? Are they the ones fo $20+ a Wally-world? If not, what is the make, model, price and purchase location of the ones in your picture above?

Many thanks in advance for your wonderful efforts and informational sharing.

Any more trade secrets you'd like to give a way? I hope so!
Tom The plastic ones were seemingly too small to accomodate and safely pad the transport of the speakers.

I did purchase two $59.97 gun cases, modifed them (differently than JerryTheDJ) in 15 minutes (per case) and am pleased with the ease and time savings of setup and breakdown.

The jury is out in terms of how well the cases will stand up to the routine of DJ world. Time will tell.
Hey Cap!
Do post some pics!
I agree, these cases will hold up quite well in our DJ world! I used mine twice this past weekend and had no problem setting them down and walking away! Easy teardown and set up too! Much easier to pop them in and out of the case than to fight zippers and soft cases. Our Wal-mart has already sold out of this type and I'm the only one buying them for my BOSE Systems! They are the Mossy Oaks for you that are looking!
Good luck!
We use Plano Protecto Series 52" Double Gun Rifle/Shotgun Cases Purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods for $30 each. Info here
We put removed the foam in the cases and put two L1s in each case with the Bose cloth bags on them. The speakers are placed in facing each other.
There is also room for in each case at the end for all of the wires,the controller and an extra extension cord. We taped extra fuses to the lid.
The fit is snug and the speakers do not move around inside the case. Carying is easy and weatherproof.

Good luck!
Well, guys, I just bought a 52" Plano Protecto case like the one pictured at the Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods links mentioned on this thread.

Having received it, I do not see how the two L1 parts fit in there. And yes, I did remove the foam padding from the rifle case. But leaving the L1's in their Bose bags, and placing them side by side, I could NOT get the darn case to close -- in fact, applying more pressure on the latches simply caused them to pop off (they're cheap plastic latches and I could just pop 'em back on).

They fit length-wise. They fit width-wise. But they do not fit height-wise (height here meaning the depth of the tower piece when laid on its side). Not surprisingly, because the L1 is thicker than a rifle. (At least I think it is, I wouldn't really know.)

Am I living in a parallel universe in which the sizes and dimensions of my Bose L1's and my Plano 52" rifle case compared to other folks equipment and case??

Steve Hoffman
Steve: Wal-Mart had two similar models to the ones being described from Dicks and wouldn't come close to fitting either. There must be aq piece of engineering information being overlooked. Or maybe it's an east coast thing??

I'll be posting some pictures next week. Just isn't enough time in the day right now.
Hey all! Just a quick update! The Mossy OAKs rifle cases are working out great! The L1's arrive safely at every event!

Cap-Still waiting on pictures of how you customized your cases for your L1's!

Note: I DJed a Wedding and Reception this past Saturday November 12th. They ended up turning on the air conditioning unit! See, that is why I live in Southern Arizona!
Hot Lites Mobile DJs
Has anyone tried adding the Packlite and two B1's to their double bass system? Can you give feedback on how much the bass output increased running 4 B1's per side? I sure like this idea better than the previous extended bass package! I don;t know if I will like hauling around eight B1's though! Feedback?
Jerry : I can let you know Monday. I've purchased 2 PackLites and 4 additional B1s. That'll give me 8 B1s total. I have a Wedding Saturday and I'm bringing the entire arsenal!

We tried a demo in Minneapolis with the 2 PackLite (A1) amps and 4 additional b1's and it was awesome. Still not chest pounding, still won't blow a toupee of a head nor cause a tie to flutter, but my gosh what a deep rich bass response.
What would you say the increase was from 4 to 8 B1's? Significant? Also, be sure and let me know how it sounds with your Kosmos and 8 B1's! That may be the toupe raising tie fluttering we're all looking for!
I am seriouly considering eBaying the rest of my Peavey equipment and purchasing two bass packages as you have metioned for a total of 8 B1's!
Still would like to see pictures of your gun cases for your L1's after modifications!
Thanks for your reply!
As promised: The Wal-Mart $59.97 Gun Case Conversion.

First, take the foam packing out of the cylindrical radiator shipping box. One shipping box foam inserts/packing will do two gun cases.

Using a very sharp bladed device, cut the foam a fraction of an inch below in deepest indent.

Should look something like this:

Remove the loose padding/foam from the gun case. No need to remove/cut/alter any permanently attached pieces.

Using a spray glue (3M 90 High -Strength), spray the bottom of the cut foam insert, position both ends and a middle piece and place into the gun case.

Letting it dry a bit, place the radiators into the case.

Repeat process for second set (if using a double L1 system) and you'll end up with:

I hope this helps.
Hey Cap!
The cases look great! It looks like you cut the foam clear through, different from the first picture. Then it appears the L1's are lying on the foam piece on the bottom of the gun case and the L1 original foam is just holding it from shifting. Looks like it works! In my configuration, the L1's are suspended and only touch the foam on the lid as it's closed, the bottom is suspended about 3/8"! Either way, these case work great to keep this high-dollar equipment in good condition!
Thanks Cap!

Picky picky picky Smile

Yes, the first set was cut a shade tooo deep. The second set of case foam ( owning 4 L1's )was cut according to the picture.

The 1/4" covering on the bottom of the gun case is sufficient protection as the radiators are wedged and unable to shift.

As was mentioned earlier, my patience to spend the amount of time and effort that others have on their designs is not there. Git 'er done! So I did.
Munch is right, the Mossy Oak double Shotgun cases are seasonal. My son went to the WalMart he works at and they were out of them. I went to a different WalMart and they had about 10 left. I quickly grabbed two. The price has just been lowered to $45. It started at $59 but someone probably has them on sale and that's why WalMart lowered their price.

So, I go about 35 miles north to a Walmart because they have 4 of these cases. I'm thinking, just buy all 4 of them.

I get there and look at them...One is REALLY banged up, two already have dents. Pull on the handle and the whole side flexes.

Guys, I don't see much quality in these cases. I honestly don't feel they are capable of surviving long.

They are lightweight and that is important but I'm going to Cabbage Cases tomorrow and see what they can do.

I will keep everyone posted.
SHDixon: It's a deal. You keep the Mossy Case users updated on the longevity of the Cabbage Cases and we Mossy users will keep the Cabbage people updated.

How much are the Cabbage Cases and where are they available, just in case Mossy loses.
Cap, Cabbage Cases is a custom caseworks like Anvil. They will be more expensive, I'm sure. The key is I don't want typical heavy 1/4" to 3/8" vinyl covered plywood metal edged road case. I want someting that is lightweight. I'm sure that it won't be as light as the Mossy cases but what I want is something that will hold the weight of 4 to 6 subs. I want to be able to stack my subs on top of the L1s in the back of my van.

I've used Cabbage Cases for 30 years for all my band gear.

Now it's a LITTLE different. I don't want to pick up more weight...

I will, of course, take pics and keep you all informed.

I sure do love my PAS.
SHDixon : If you have the standard B1 padded covers that came with each bass bin, the bottom of the bin is not covered. The rounded feet and the squared interlocking design are exposed. Therefore anything they are set upon in transporation will subject significant wear and tear from transportation shift and movement.

I'm sure you've already considered this however it doesn't hurt to make others aware, does it?

Chuck The DJ: The Mossy Oak Gun cases at $45.00 each at Wally World have been working flawlessly for more than a few months, partially because great personal care is excersized in packing, stacking, transport, and storage.

Some folks have been kind enough to ask my opinion about other options that cost upwards of three to four times the Mossy Oak case. My reply is always quite simple. I can replace my 3 times for that one. I've finally adapted to the American "everything's disposable" mentality. Wink
Originally posted by Chuck The DJ:
looking forward to seeing these... I to am not scared of spending a few more bucks to get something that will be a bit stronger...

Pics and reviews of carrying cases wanted!!

Chuck "The DJ" Lehnhard: You asked for it, you got it.

I, too, wanted to have a stronger, more industrial feel to protect my "precious L1s", so I naturally took the gun case concept one step further:

I bought two (2) SKB Double Rifle Cases (Model 2SKB-5009)

  • ATA 300 Class 1 Airline rated
  • Heavy duty HDPE shell w/bumper protected hardware
  • Bumper protected hardware
  • Impervious to all solvents, oils, fuels and acids.
  • Color will not show scratches
  • Weather resistant O-ring protects guns
  • Thick eggcarton foam padding is partially removable - bunk bed style storage with foam divider **Note--I removed this**
  • Sturdy polymer wheels on end for easy travel
  • 4 keyed locks
  • Black in color
  • Outside dimensions: 56" x 15" x 8"
  • Inside dimensions: 50" x 9.5" x 6"

Each case ran me about $150. That's the going rate, but search around--you never know. Now, there are some other nice gun cases that are around $85-100 ea., but I just like the look and feel of the SKBs. Sure, I paid 3x more than the Mossy Oaks (from Wally World), but I say it's a small price to pay to protect a $1700 stick!

Oh, one more thing; if you decide to go this route, you will have to cut the foam differently than the Walmart cases. The SKBs are a little narrower and deeper, but I can easily help you with that.

Finally, here's the finished project:

Reply or call me if you have any questions.

605-868-7834 (South Dakota)

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