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Salve, ho comprato il t4s e non sono riuscito, collegando il computer alla presa USB, un mandare il segnale dello stesso alle uscite AUX.

Dove sbaglio?

Ho assegnato la presa USB agli ingressi 5/6 per poter avere il controllo del volume e dal master si sente mentre dall'AUX non esce niente.

C'è qualcuno che mi aiuta? Grazie

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Hi Claudio_Baracchino.

I'm sorry that I cannot reply to you in Italian.

Translated by Google

Hi, I bought the t4s and failed, connecting the computer to the USB port, sending the signal to the AUX outputs.

Where am I wrong?

The first thing - have you updated your firmware. The latest version is 

version 1.1.0

Your T4S shipped from the factory with

version 1.0.1

If you aren't running version 1.1.0 please follow this link: T4S Firmware Updates

I have assigned the USB plug to the 5/6 inputs in order to have the volume control and from the master it is heard while the AUX does not come out.

Is there anyone who helps me? Thank you

Inputs 5/6 are the Aux inputs. These are routed to the Master Outputs. You can't direct them to Aux.  If you want to send the USB signal to Aux, you'll have to direct them to channels 3 or 4 or both if you're running stereo.

Does that help?


Grazie per la risposta, ho aggiornato il firmware e adesso funziona come volevo. Ho notato, come altri utenti del resto, che gli effetti sono diversi dal T1, peccato perché erano veramente belli.

Mi riservo altre considerazioni più in avanti quando l'avrò usato per un pò di tempo.

Una domanda: la presa USB A per la riproduzione , in presenza di più file, è continua oppure si ferma ad ogni brano?

Grazie ancora 

Hi Claudio_Baracchino,

From Google

Thanks for the reply, I have updated the firmware and now it works as I wanted.

That's great!

I noticed, like other users of the rest, that the effects are different from T1, too bad because they were really beautiful.

Only the Reverb has changed, and the ParaEQ now has three bands instead of one.

You can read more about the reverb in this article.

T4S Reverb

Try changes like this. If you are used to reverb type Medium, try Large.

And adjust time setting (probably increase it) based on the values in the article.

I reserve other considerations later when I have used it for a while.

A question: is the USB A socket for playback, in the presence of multiple files, continuous or stops at each track?

The files play continuously.



Ok, usavo già il reverbero Large e ho trovato la giusta regolazione sul T4, ma, a me, sembra che siano cambiati anche i delay. Mi riservo la prova appena mi arriverà l'alimentatore esterno, che ho acquistato da Bose, in modo da poter fare la comparazione.

Per il resto sembra tutto ok, domani lo testerò dal vivo.


Hi Claudio_Barracchino,

Ok, I was already using the Large reverb and I found the right adjustment on the T4, but, to me, it seems that the delays have also changed. I reserve the test as soon as I get the external power supply, which I bought from Bose, so you can make the comparison.

For the rest everything seems ok, tomorrow I will test it live.

Thank you

There is more time available with the Plate type of Reverb if you want to experiment with that one.

Please come back and tell us what you hear.


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