I get the microphone presets, matching different mics to the L1s, but how do the acoustic guitar presets work?
For example I have a Taylor 816 but there are two (at least) possible pickups on this model..the ES1 and 2 which sound different.
Wouldnt it be better to have Tonematch presets that matched the actual pickups rather than brands of guitar eg Fishman Aura, Prefix, K&K mini etc?
Just a thought


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This is why I prefer setting my own tones, etc in my Touchmix 16 (and Tommy Emmanuel AER Amp) and rarely use any tone presets other than as a starting point for tweaking.

I did find the guitar preset on a Bose S1 Pro channel quite nice with my new Gibson '61 SG Standard through my stomp boxes when sitting in with an acoustic guitar based rock and country band the other night.

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