T4S & T8S Mixers - 1/4 inch (6mm) Mounting Screw (Mounting Options)

snakehips posted:

Hi there,

With my L1mk2, we have two B1 bass modules, which I stack on their sides, one on top of the other, by the side of the L1, between the legs of the base unit. My bandmate and I have a T1 each. I have usually been placing my T1 with it’s original mounting bar & bracket, to the L1 tower.

i usually place my Fender Blues Jnr guitar amp on top of the B1’s, which raises the amp to a good height to hear it better (I also mic it up into the Bose).

I have my first gig this Friday where I shall be using my new T8S. My bandmate will still use his T1 mixer as before, I will use my T8S as I used to use my T1 before, leaving 3 or 4 spare channels for our newest band member.

Instead of placing my Blues Jnr amp in my B1’s (tower), I will use the B1’s as a table for my T8S mixer. I may put my Blues Jnr on it’s side, on the B1’s, so I can use that top (side) of my guitar amo as a table for the T8S.

Either way, I don’t think I will largely miss attaching my Tonematch to the L1 tower. Don’t see what all the fuss is about !


"Don’t see what all the fuss is about !" depends on your appearance needs, the venue and what you personally want to look like on stage.

I have always had a minimal appearance on stage, 1 mic stand and T1 & iPad on that with mic at the top.

Other artists doing the same as me have a table with foot pedal. T1, iPad, drinks and wires everywhere - which  drew complaints in 5 star hotels because it looked a mess.

I actually have been complimented on the minimal "tidy" setup...

Bodging a stand out of speakers is I admit demonstrating the least fuss... :-)

OK folks,

T4S mounting option I chose in the end....

Made by The Joy Factory - this is a single pole carbon fibre mount that will hold up to 8lbs. The construction of this support is absolutely in keeping with the quality of Bose - which is to a degree emulated in the price - but if you want a cheap tacky option there are plenty out there.

It is minimal in appearance, beautifully engineered and finished and works extremely well and is so simple to use.

Here is how it looks:123



Left fixed to the stand, twist a lever to release and raise to where you want it and tighten.

Loosen the head fixing point and screw into the T4S then re-tighten the mount - all done.

I have the same setup coming for my ipad.

The ONLY downside I can find is that the range of spacers to fit the variety of stands out there doesn't go down far enough to fit the 19mm second height pole of my Hercules stand. It does have a suitable spacer for the 25mm first stage as you can see.

For the iPad which I like to mount higher I will have to wind several rounds of tape around the mounting point first - then apply the compression clamp onto that.

Where to get: https://www.thejoyfactory.com/...nect-pole-mount-only

Speak to sales:

Joy Order Support <orders@thejoyfactory.com> and ask for the magconnect pole only with the magnet top swapped for a plain screw top as shown here.

If anyone wants, I'll post a second set of pictures with the full magmount option I've also purchased for the ipad to sit on the opposite side of the mic stand.


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Hi ScubaBadger,

"T4S mounting option I chose in the end....

Made by The Joy Factory - this is a single pole carbon fibre mount that will hold up to 8lbs."

Would this great setup (I have used one for my iPadPro 12'9 for a long time now) work with the bigger T8S too?



The screw mount is the same and I'll need to aim the mixer not the way you're using it (side ways) but straight, so the crew mount is in the middle as is the front of the mixer. The question is, the distance between the top part - where all the inputs are - in relation to the pole of the stand. How far do you need to keep these two items apart (edge of the mixer and the shaft of the stand) so there'll be reasonable access for the XLR/TRS plugs?



As the distance between the screw mount point and the edge/back of the T8S is much less than the width - and visually / apparently very similar to the T4S I would imagine there would be plenty of space between the mic pole and the rear for cable entry.

I have not checked the weight of the T8S - you may need something more substantial... especially when a bunch of wires are connected adding weight.

That said, if the arm is not outstretched too much and the weight of the mixer is put into a more downward force on the arm then it could well hold. I'll take a couple of pictures and show you what I mean.

The Joy Factory website doesn't say "plain screw top" - which is actually very important part of your setup - is available. How did you get that?

Also if you can kindly try that option of your T4S sitting in the middle rather than side-wise, the rest should be ok, 'cos that mount can hold the stuff up to 8lb I believe. And T8S weight merely half of that...

Ask at the Joy email for the magmount to be removed leaving you with the screw fitting on a 20mm ball and they will do it.

I'll make my contact aware of this page...

Here are som shots with the mixer facing forwards from the mic - and I've also done a setup where a musician may be sitting next the the stand so the mixer is hanging down...

Angles are all down to personal use, but hopefully you'll see there's plenty of space for cables at rear when facing away from mic stand.




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Thanks so much for all the details pics and your comments too. I have already emailed The Joy Factory, but since I am leaving in Western Australia, the time difference means they can’t answer that yet as it is still Sunday in US.

Your setup is probably the best for me, anyway. At the top of the mic stand u have a Roland TR8 rhythm performer - drum machine - which seats on the mic laptop stand made by Ultimate Support is also tilted down - both devices can be matched in the way they pitched - therefore they won’t obscure the view of each other. So the Joy Factory setup is absolutely brilliant ScubaBadger, many thanks...


Here is the full set...

I chose to bond the magmount plate onto the outside of my ipad protector case. It can be removed and bonded to anything else if required.

My only disappointment with the set up / kit supplied was the fact the inserts supplied to allow fitment to a variety of pole / stand diameters didn't go down far enough to fit a 19mm tube, so I had to wind a layer of gaffer tape onto the pole to broaden it so the clamp would grasp it tight enough. 

It is perfectly strong enough.

Watch the videos at thejoyfactory.com to see how easy and quick this set up mounts the ipad..

The last photo is the mount brackets folded for transport, simply undo the wing nuts and let them drop - but remain on the stand.

Correction for earlier posting - for the threaded mount for the T4S / T8S talk with pr@thejoyfactory.com and point them to this conversation if you need to.



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That looks very slick I must say and make a l9t of sense, thanks again for your detailed pics. Although could you post a link to the JoyynFactory video you have mentioned, please? Bit worry about “simply undo the wing nuts..”... is it practical and reasonably quick to do so? 

Thanks again, although I thought you were talking about that specific mounting (ring which goes to the shaft of the mic stand). I’ve been using The Joy Factory Magnetic Mount for my iPads for years so I do know how good and easy them are in regards to put them on and off the stand. Nevertheless, your idea is really way to go with the latest of Bose T4/8S mixers, but I have suggested to the Joy Factory to make that non-magnetic version widely available, not only on a special order. It has so much potential like: all the ZOOM recorders to start with, yet some other portable mixers too (like Yamaha) etc.

Hi All.

Re: the above. Iv'e been looking into this and although there are some good innovative ideas about joining up various camera bits to Mic stand  bits, which are reasonably priced and ok, but it all ends up being fairly expensive when adding on the Mandatory but extortionate Overseas Posting Charges.

I found it difficult to locate any UK Sellers of this type of stuff, when you have to know with certainty that the parts would all fit together nicely.

I then went on to look at Percussion Trays & Mic Stand Trays, all to be found on the various Music goods Websites et-al.

As a temporary fix,I am just about to order the Gravity GMATRAY 1..... (Similar to the Quicklock Tray , previously posted here) as It's fixing and construction all look pretty sturdy to me. I will use the useful Heavy Duty VELCRO fixing tape, which I used on my old wonky T1 Fixing bracket to great effect. Just a few squares of this stuff should hold the T4S firmly on its table, which has edges and is 9"x 7" inches ( old money) and accommodates the base measurements of the T4S.

I'm now thinking that all this effort could have been prevented if BOSE bless -em had just copied/modified the small Behringer Mixer Mic Stand Fixing method which looks pretty Pro to me.

Hi TS, While were on the subject..you mentioned in your post on 2/6/18 RE: T4S Mic Stand Fixings, that there were other bits/pieces you were going to look at, any news on this please?

Thanks again.


Hi Ronnie

You are buying direct from the company when you buy from thejoyfactory.com. I believe they don't currently sell to retailers anywhere.

I have had such a good time with the ease and speed of the magnetic mount holding up my ipad that I am now going to change the pure screw mount to the magnetic mount (with screw) for the T4S.


This module I will bond onto the base of the T4S (take a photo of the makers plate containing serial etc first).

It may not be a cheap option and the postage is not cheap either but the kit functions perfectly, with ease and speed and I've had a bunch of favourable comments from others at my gigs asking where to get it as it's so neat.

With the magnetic mount you loosely offer up the device to the mount point and it grabs it from you. Locates perfectly every time.

Then you just give a few turns of the locking screw - if you want to.

Wishing you every success....


Hi Dave.

Many thanks for all your very clear and detailed postings, and all good success to you too. I'm def convinced now, I will go for the device you suggested.

Just a last little Q if OK?

Have I read you correctly, when I ask or E-Mail the (joy company Sales), I am to specify the 1/4 inch screw for the T4S plus magnet..or swap -out the magnet for just the screw? Cheers again.

Kind Regards.


Hi Ronnie

It's personal choice. Initially I was worried the magmount would not hold the T4S, but having now experienced both, even my partner says "go ahead and order the magmount and replace the screw mount" and believe me she's careful with what I earn!

When all is said and done - BOTH the mounts have a screw fastening just to be on the safe side - but the magmount is way easier and quicker to locate while setting up in a hurry - it just grabs the arm, then you finger tight the screw and that doesn't need to be over tight..

Hi ScubaBadger.

Thanks for all the really helpful Pics and advice you've posted here. Sorry to trouble you further , but ou mentionioned earlier that you would be happy to post extra pictures of the full mounting system ( yes please). 

What was the actual item/ s full mounting package called that you ordered from joy factory and the total cost including postage, if thats ok? 

Cheers again most useful.

Best Regards Ronnie.

Hi Ronnie

Pictures of my T4S and iPad mounted to a mic stand are above in this thread.

Pictures of the kit components;

The magmount arm with mic stand rings $59.99



The magmount plate you bond onto what you are mounting $24.99


The magmount plate


The magmount bonding surface


The assemblydiy-tablet-holder-magconnect-mount-mmx107

Plus postage - in my case to Spain $30 and I have two systems.

If you are in the USA postage should be minimal and faster as the makers are in the USA;


  •  9351 Irvine Blvd. Irvine, CA 92618



  •  1 - 877 - JOY - FACT (1-877-569-3228)
  •  949 - 216 - 8888




Hope this helps - ps - I'm not paid by them and receive no benefit from them in telling you about their kit - so this is not an advert.



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Thanks for all the great info, ScubaBadger.  Ordered two Mag Mounts and One Arm.  Want to try with both iPad and T4s.  If works well for my setup will consider a second arm.  Hopefully will hold up well over time.  Saw some reviews on Amazon that the arm had broken in a few months.

Like ST, I opted for this setup:

That is the traditional Bose Bracket for the T1, and an aux mic stand-off for the T4S.

Personally, I really liked the old bracket.

I DID break the first one I got, and Bose replaced it for free.

I learned to snap-lock it gently, and from then on, never had another issue in 13 yrs.

The new 1/4" mount is fine too, mic stand adapter is cheap.


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