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I've been having issues getting enough volume from the AUX out on my BOSE ToneMatch (with L1 model 2).

Also, I read that you can't hear reverb in the AUX send? Confused then why there is this AUX option: 
"Pre: With EQ & FX: The signal is routed from the preamp stage with applied processing."
...if the FX can't be sent.
Note: No reverb comes from the Aux output even if the tap point is Pre or Post.
What other effect IS there on the tonematch? What am I missing?

But my main issue is that I'd like the AUX to send more volume. I've had issues at one venue I play at where I have to send a feed to their inside system. The master out never seems to be able to send a strong enough signal (though I JUST learned the master has a PRE and POST, that is helpful) so I have to use the AUX out to send the signal and I'm always having to crank the TRIM knobs of each channel to get enough so they can hear it inside. It's a struggle every time I go there. - I think they need an update of their system, but still confused how this happens and why the master out is never enough...

Today, I'm trying to hook up in ear monitors and I've got the AUX on the tonematch at 100%, the trim of the in-ear transmitter at 100%, the volume of the receiver at 100%, and the trim of the tonematch at 50% (or else it will create feedback/distortion in my main mix). And the volume I'm getting in the in ear is still not enough... and I'm not even with the band yet. Is there any way to boost the AUX volume? And also, there's really no way to have reverb in the AUX out?


Jocelyn Oldham

Original Post

Hi Jocelyn,

Based on your description, I think the best course would be to turn the trim up on the channel, and then turn the channel volume down to balance out the volume increase.

It's best to have the trim knob up as high as possible before distortion (as indicated by the red LED above the trim knob).  So the trim knob for each channel should be set to this point - this may mean 12 o'clock for channel 1, 9 o'clock for channel 2, and fully clockwise for channel 3.  All outcomes are fine as long as the level is maximized without overloading (red LED).

This will probably mean you have to completely re-do the main mix (channel volumes).  But, now you'll have more level coming into the T1 to work with.


The Aux output includes all other effects/processing other than reverb: delay, compression, equalization, etc.

Hope that helps.

Feel free to call, if you can, if you have questions.  877-335-2673






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